Black Lives Matter Leader Has New Advice For Black People, And It's MIND-BLOWING

July 21, 2016Jul 21, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "So long as I do not firmly and irrevocably possess the right to vote I do not possess myself. I cannot make up my mind — it is made up for me. I cannot live as a democratic citizen, observing the laws I have helped to enact — I can only submit to the edict of others."

But one leader of the Black Lives Matter movement is pushing a new campaign to encourage black people to do this: Not vote.

According to Global Post, black activist Hawk Newsome says, "Neither party has stepped to the front and made Black Lives Matter a priority."

Newsome believes that rather than using the democratic process to vote for change, the black community should pull their support from either party until the parties change.

And despite the fact that he's going against one of the tenants MLK fought for, Newsome says, “Before, we fought to have our right to vote. But now we need to fight to have our right to vote mean something.”

He says he's also hoping that Trump's nomination will send Hillary into enough of a panic to get her to fully embrace Black Lives Matter and do everything she can to woo black voters back.

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