Black Lives Matter Is Trying Out DANGEROUS Protest Tactic, And It's Making People FURIOUS

July 11, 2016Jul 11, 2016

Black Lives Matter protesters, in an effort to denounce America's police officers as racist killers, have been trying out a dangerous new tactic to draw attention to their message, but it's making people furious and putting many lives at incredible risk.

Here are several instances over the weekend:

— Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters last night blocked a busy intersection in front of the iconic Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, California, according to ABC 7 before blocking the nearby 405 Freeway, the busiest freeway in both Los Angeles and all of America.
— On Saturday, 500 protesters in San Francisco blocked off part of the Bay Bridge, access to businesses, and freeway on-ramps, according to SFGate.
— Late Thursday night, Black Lives Matter moved from blocking streets to blocking the I-880 freeway in downtown Oakland, California, according to CBS SFBayArea.
— Protesters in St. Paul, Minnesota blocked the I-94 freeway Saturday night, prompting over 100 arrests, according to NBC News. Protesters used an overpass bridge to throw rocks and other heavy objects on police officers below. 21 officers were injured.
— Last night, authorities managed to stop Black Lives Matter protesters before they marched onto the I-110 freeway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to ABC 7. Demonstrators were also blocked during attempts to get onto freeways in Atlanta and Columbia, South Carolina in the past few days.
WMC Action News 5 reported that protestors blocked the I-40 freeway bridge in downtown Memphis, Tennessee for four hours Sunday night.
— Black Lives Matter demonstrators blocked both sides of the I-264 last night in downtown Portsmouth, Virginia, according to the Associated Press.
— Police stopped protesters approaching the I-10 freeway in Phoenix Friday, according to the Daily Herald.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's voice was among many others calling for Black Lives Matter protestors to stay off freeways.

"While I appreciate the peaceful intent of this weekend's rallies, I'd ask that we not put our fellow citizens or law enforcement at risk — which is exactly what attempting to block highways does," she said.

It does seem incredibly dangerous to bodily blockade a roadway where cars are moving at upwards of 80 mph, especially if you're the first protester to run out into traffic and force a vehicle to stop. And especially if you're doing it at night, as many protesters are. The lives of those in the vehicles are put in danger as well, especially if they swerve into other lanes.

It's obvious that the blocking of freeways is the current modus operandi because it makes dramatic footage for media organizations hungry to report on Black Lives Matter, but instead of punishing law enforcement officers, the freeway rallies serve to disrupt the lives of those who may have been in agreement with the protestors. It may not be the best method for gaining support.

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