Black Bear Breaks into a Woman’s Home, Surprised at what He Does Next

June 06, 2017Jun 06, 2017

A black bear broke into a woman’s home recently in Vail, Colorado while she was out of the house. She came home to a mess in her kitchen and living room.

The woman also realized there was food missing. However, the bear wasn’t only interested in grabbing a snack.

He was also intrigued by the piano. The bear was caught on video trying out the musical instrument, which quickly became a viral, internet sensation.

CBS interviewed the 21-year-old resident of the home. She stated, “I was not expecting that at al! It was kind of crazy, but kind of fun.” She also mentions that the window was unlatched, but it was closed, which is how the bear came in. “Yeah, it’s pretty shocking! Once I saw the video, I thought he was pretty cute, but if I was inside I wouldn’t think he was cute.”

Watch the video below for more information:

We’ve never seen a bear play the piano before! Did you love this video?