Blac Chyna’s Mom Barred From Courtroom Amid Kardashian Trial

Making a decision. Blac Chyna‘s mother, Tokyo Toni, has been barred from court after going on a rant against the Kardashian family amid the model’s ongoing lawsuit against them.

A source says that the TV personality, 50, was stopped from entering court Tuesday, April 19, because a judge became aware her social media comments regarding the famous family. Us Weekly exclusively. Toni’s behavior was brought up in court on the second day of juror selection and she was instructed to stay out of the courtroom, likely for the remainder of the trial.

Blac Chyna, Tokyo Toni
Courtesy Tokyo Toni/Instagram

Before heading into court on Tuesday, Toni (real name Shalana Hunter() Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner Khloé Kardashian, all of whom were present for jury selection, “looked scary” in real life, before attacking several of them individually. “It’s just so sad. Then Khloé was shaking her f–king head off everything every juror said,” she said during her Instagram Live. “You all right, bitch? Did you have some Xanax or something before you got there, bitch?” Toni went on to describe Kris, 66, as “old and decrepit,” and compared her to Jigsaw — a murderous clown doll — from the Saw movie franchise.

The Kardashian family’s lawyers brought up Toni’s comments to the judge, explaining that Kris was “worried about her physical safety,” per Page Six.

Chyna (born Angela Renée White) is in the midst of a lawsuit against the Kardashians over the status of her short-lived reality show with Rob Kardashian, Rob & Chyna. They were engaged three months later. Chyna and Rob, aged 35, welcomed their daughter Dream in November 2016. Their relationship was documented for the E! Reality series.

E!! was renewed for a second season. E! VarietyThat was July 2017. Rob & Chyna had been “put on hold” following the on-and-off couple’s split that year. The network added that the spinoff had “not been in production for several months” as they plan to “follow the [Kardashian] family’s lead” on what to do next. Chyna sued the Kardashians later that year for allegedly interfering with her reality show‘s future.

Documents obtained from the court by UseChyna claimed in October 2017 that she was going to film a second series of “The Bachelor” Rob & Chyna before her then-fiancé’s family used their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season.” She also claimed that the Kardashians had contacted E! in February 2017 to “demand the network not proceed with a second season of Rob & Chyna.”

“I am so thankful that a jury will finally listen to what really happened behind closed doors — the lies that were told and the damage that was done,” the socialite wrote via Twitter in April 2022. “At the end of the trial, I’m going to be able to proudly tell King and Dream that I did everything I could to right the wrong that was done to me. And that, in life, it is my hope that they will be able to stand up for themselves when it matters too.”

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