Blac Chyna Granted A Deposition Against The Kardashians In Rob Kardashian Assault Lawsuit

Blac Chyna granted a deposition against the Kardashians in Rob Kardashian Assault Lawsuit

The KardashianSisters will have to answer Blac ChynaIn Rob’sCase in court

Blac Chynaa chance to depose Kardashians in her defense. Rob KardashianHe continues to pursue his assault-and- battery lawsuit against her.

Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne CianiAccording to reports, she said that her client will be allowed to grill the K Clan. According to Ciani, the trial court “agreed” that the famous sisters are “not above the law.”

The former music video stuntwoman’s first allegedly asked to have each member of the family deposed for seven hours. However, they’ve been forced to cut it down to four hours. It was quickly reduced to two hours.

Kardashian-JennerAn attorney Michael RhodesIn response to Blac Chyna’s announcement:

“We are pleased the court limited the scope of the depositions to minimize the burden on the very busy members of the family.”

Blac ChynaAnd Rob KardashianThey were once in a relationship of love. They were even engaged in 2016, and they starred in their own E! They were even engaged in 2016, and starred in their own reality show, E! Rob & Chyna.

Promo shoot for ‘Rob & Chyna’

The following year, trouble struck when RobIndicted ChynaHe allegedly tried to strangle him with an iPhone charging cord. He also claimed that the incident was fuelled by ChynaIngestion of large quantities of drugs or alcohol. These accusations are not the only ones. RobIt was said that ChynaHe was repeatedly hit in the head and face, resulting in neck injuries. He proved his point via social media.

The lash entrepreneur insists on her innocence tried to have the case thrown out2020

ChynaTheir daughter was born. Dream KardashianIn 2016,

Dream Kardashian

The trial is expected to begin on February 23.

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