BiP’s Tyler Details Connection With Brittany After Shanae Date

Paradise is complicated Tyler NorrisHad a great time with Shanae AnkneyDuring Tuesday, October 18, Episode of Bachelor in Paradise, but he also couldn’t shake his feelings for Brittany Galvin.

“She’s got that smile,” the BacheloretteExclusively told season 19 story by 26-year-old alumnus Us Weekly25. “Obviously, she’s beautiful, and just talking with her was so easy. The first night, I talked with her for hours — just got lost in conversation.”

According to the New Jersey native, he found that he was able to build a rapport with someone he had just met, which increased his interest in the subject. BachelorSeason 25 alum. “When you have that connection with somebody that you can talk about everything and anything and it’s just so easy, I think that’s the wow factor to me,” he told Use.

Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris are among the others.
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The small business owner said he had a “great time” with Shanae, 30, but his connection with Brittany was still at the top of his mind.

“I had to have an open mind,” he told UseHe explained why he chose to go out with the recruiter after developing feelings towards another woman. “I got invited on a date, obviously, I’m not gonna say no. Shanae’s beautiful, why not? … But you really find out if you’re really into somebody after you get that opportunity to go on a date with somebody else, because at the end of that date all I wanted to do was see Brittany.”

Tyler couldn’t reveal what happens on the beach in the coming weeks, but he noted that he’s “very happy” at the moment.

Bachelor Nation fans met Tyler during Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey‘s season of The BacheloretteThe project concluded in September. The pilot, aged 26, split with him during hometowns week shortly before she was scheduled to meet his family.

Despite their breakup, the couple is still on good terms. “We talk here and there,” he told UseFlorida native. “She’s actually a pretty good friend of mine now. The best part was that I got to know so many of her friends from her beach season, so we became close. [too].”

He does not, however, have any updates on Rachel’s rumored relationship with Aven Jones, who returned during After the Final Roseto convince the flight instructor to give it another shot. “That’s a good question,” Tyler told UseWhen Aven and Rachel were asked where they stand now, Aven said: “You’re gonna have to ask her!”

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Mandie DeCamp reports