BiP’s Jill on Why Teddi Left, Rachel’s Future After ‘Bachelorette’

From Teddi WrightTo Rachel Recchia, Jill ChinShe weighs in on how she feels about her situation BachelorThe besties are supporting each other through their heartbreaks.

“I think she made the right decision for her in the moment,” Jill said on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast about Teddi after she abruptly quit Bachelor in Paradise on the Tuesday, October 4, episode. “It’s a really tough environment — having to explore your feelings with people that you care about and also doing it on TV is super hard. She just knew what was best in that situation and that was to go. I support everything she does. I support her decision. She’s a very dear friend of mine. I wish that I could’ve said goodbye to her because I remember, like, in our little conversation, I was like, ‘Well, before you do anything, come see me first.’ And I understand why she didn’t want to say goodbye to us because I would’ve tried to convince her to stay, and I knew that wasn’t gonna be good for her, so I understand. It was shocking, however. I had no idea that she left.”

After her departure, things went down. Andrew Spencer, Teddi shared a cryptic Instagram that read: “Something I’m proud of learning: 1. leaving environments that are cruel to me & the people around me. 2. sticking to my boundaries no matter how many times people in authority try to cross them.”

Jill Chin (Rachel Recchia) and Teddi Wing.
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Jill is also close to Rachel, who ended their rocky engagement. Tino FrancoAfter he cheated during The Bachelorettefinale, which aired last week.

“I think any time you’re watching your friends go through something really hard, and especially on the world stage, it’s really difficult. I was just really feeling for her,” the architectural historian told Use. “I know she had a really rough go this season, but right now, she’s fine. She’s in her hot girl era and I love that for her. I just think it’s gonna take everybody time to heal. I think she’s well on her way.”

When she was asked if Rachel believes that anything is happening between them, her answer was “Yes.” Aven Jones, the pilot’s runner-up who surprised her at the After the Final Rose taping, Jill added: “I don’t know. I believe there is interest on both ends, perhaps. But I’m not sure if anything will come from it again. I think it’s so hot and so fresh that everything just needs to cool down to kind of see if they end up, you know, exploring something.”

Jill shared that her journey will be different for fans.

“You’re definitely gonna see a quirky weird couple come into the mix,” she teased. “And I’m excited for people to kind of see me do the love thing, honestly. I haven’t been able to do much of the love thing. There’s definitely gonna be some sweet moments to come.”

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