‘BiP’ Alums on Why Wells Adams Should Host Over Jesse Palmer

A view straight from the beach! Although ABC has officially named the channel, Jesse PalmerAs the host for season 8 of Bachelor in ParadiseMany stars of the past were rooting for them Wells AdamsTo take over the gig.

“Wells was more interactive with all of us than the host was just because he was there every day at the bar. And he really had a sort of host role in talking about actual, real emotions, giving advice,” Kendall LongSeasons 5 and 7 starred, BiP, said on Tuesday, May 17, episode Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

Wells Adams and Jesse Palmer
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After Chris HarrisonAfter Wells retired from the franchise in 2021 the network brought in a series celebrity guest hosts to help it. Wells, who has been the bartender for season 4 in 2017, also played a larger part on season 7. In addition to being behind the bar, he was the “master of ceremonies” and hosted the final week.

“The hosts themselves, we don’t really see that often. We see ’em during rose ceremonies and they help guide that,” Kendall continued. “Wells — he’s been through it, he’s experienced it, having that more friend[ly]I was able to have meaningful conversations with him. I was able to have conversations with him. [Wells]to be extremely helpful. And I’m not sure if he’d be able to fulfill that role. Not as the bartender, maybe, it would just kind of rearrange the show a bit.”

While the Just Curious author noted that she’s confident Jesse is “really good at what he does or else he wouldn’t be there,” she concluded that Wells could “definitely” balance the roles of hostAnd bartender. “I think they’re, maybe, trying to tie Paradise and BachelorAnd Bachelorette together more by having one single host,” she told Use. “Maybe that’s what their goal is.”

She then joked, “I haven’t seen anything with Jesse Palmer being the host. I haven’t watched much since I was on. PTSD, I guess.”

Tammy LySeason 7 of the TV series starred, BiP?, told Use last month that she “really think[s] Wells should just be the permanent host.”

“I think he’s killer. He is a great commentator. He’s funny. He’s also sympathetic and, like, really relatable,” she told Use. “He’s been on the show before. Jesse is great and I think that if they just wanted him for a hosting position, that’d be great. But ParadiseIt’s so much deeper and more intimate with the cast. I think that Wells would just kill it.”

Bachelor in Paradise Alums Praise Wells Adams Advice Skills Amid Jesse Palmer Hosting News

Jesse Palmer & Wells Adams

Season 7 alum Jessenia Cruz agreed.

“I do love the idea of the celebrity guests coming every now and then — or celebrity hosts. I love that. I thought it was fantastic. Perfect. Or if they keep Wells as the host and, maybe, have someone kind of take up the mantle of the Paradise bartender, that’d be cool too,” she explained, “But, you know, Jesse Palmer — I don’t have anything against him, I think he was a great host for The Bachelor, but he doesn’t need to be in Paradise.”

Bachelor in ParadiseThis summer, the show will be taped and air on ABC in the fall.

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