Billy Graham Wants Parents To Do THIS With Their Kids' TV Watching

June 16, 2016Jun 16, 2016

The television can often serve as a babysitter for many kids today. Even while we're doing something necessary like making dinner or mowing the lawn, it can feel helpful to have the kids entertained. But what if you hired a babysitter that showed your kids how to have sex or kill others? That's what the babysitter of television is teaching kids today.

And Billy Graham says parents really need to monitor what their kids see on TV.  In a latest blog on his site, Graham answers a parent who asks if they've "missed" something in letting their kids watch whatever they want.  "For one thing, I suspect you’ve lost sight of the impact the media makes on our children today. For example, how do they learn the difference between right and wrong? One way, of course, is by watching others—especially their parents. But they’re also deeply influenced by television and films—something that wasn’t true a few generations ago. What impact will a steady diet of violence, sexual immorality, greed, and so forth have on them—especially if no one instructs them otherwise? The Bible bluntly says, 'Hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil' (1 Thessalonians 5:21-22)."

Graham has some really good advice to the parent in continuing forward.  "What can you do? First, commit your lives and your family to Christ. God loves you, and He is more concerned about your children than you are. Make Christ your foundation, and begin rebuilding your family on God’s will."

"Then ask God to help you give more attention to your children. Do things together as a family … teach your children how they should live (both by your example and your words) … pray with them … monitor what they watch … and seek out a church with an active Christ-centered youth program."

This is such good, common-sense advice. Even though it sounds fairly simple, it takes a good amount of effort to pay attention to what our kids are seeing on the media and to giving them a family framework that fosters their faith. Do you have any ways your family helps to build strong character in your children? Share it in the Comments! We all can benefit from hearing it! Thank you!