Billy Graham’s Daughter REVEALS Why She Believes God Has Abandoned America

June 29, 2016Jun 29, 2016

Anne Graham Lotz, founder of AnGel Ministries and the daughter of world renowned evangelist Billy Graham has compiled a list of three sins that she says has caused God to abandon America. According to the Christian Post, the reason that God has abandoned America is because she believes that America has abandoned God.


“I feel our nation is in a mess at every level,” Lotz said, “and it’s a Romans 1 type of judgment, because God has abandoned us because we have abandoned him. And I think he weeps as he backs away, because he is turning us over to ourselves.”

Lotz says that the three major sins that has caused God to back away from America are “Abortion: the killing of 60 million unborn children, the abandonment of Israel, and the LGBT agenda and gay marriage that flies in the face of what God has ordained.” Those three points are what Lotz calls “nationally, legalized, institutional sins in this country.”

Do you agree with Lotz? Do you think God has abandoned America?