Billy Graham's Daughter Proclaims: Trump Is Proof God Has Heard Our Prayers

November 18, 2016Nov 18, 2016

Many Christian leaders who did not openly support a candidate during the election are now coming out with their real feelings. It's interesting to hear. Franklin Graham was one such leader. During the campaign, he refused to say who he was voting for, but after the election, he shared that Trump's win was a cause for celebration. Billy Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz is the same way.


In her latest blog, Lotz shares that Trump's unlikely victory is owed to the blessing of God.  She begins by saying: "God has established Mr. Trump as the 45th President of the United States…for the sake of the American people. God has kept the first part of His promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14…If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and will heal their land.

"The only possible answer for Mr. Trump’s dramatic victory is that God has indeed heard from Heaven. Just as certainly as He has answered our prayers for the national election, He will forgive the sin that we have confessed to Him. Because He said He would. Now it’s time to claim His promise for the healing of our land."

Lotz encourages Christian Americans to really take hold of the blessing of God for our land now, beginning by praying for our new President. "Please…join me in thanking God for hearing and answering our prayers. Join me in giving God the glory for this remarkable, dramatic turn of events. But don’t slack off in prayer. Double-down. Pray for the healing and rebuilding of America. Pray for Mr. Trump…that he would turn to God.

"Pray that God would give the President-elect wisdom for decisions, courage to do the right thing, protection from danger, strength to govern after a grueling race, grace under the continued fire of opposition, and blessing upon blessing as he seeks to lead our nation forward and up.

"Pray that God would surround Mr. Trump with godly men and women who will offer encouragement, support, and wise counsel. Pray that as God’s blessings flow, healing would begin."

Lotz ends her encouragement by saying, "Now is the time to recommit ourselves to focusing…not on a particular man or political party…but on the living God of our fathers who is our Hope and who alone can bring the healing America desperately needs."

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