Billy Graham's Daughter Just Gave America "Serious" News about God's Judgment

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

Many have been asking if God is judging America, after the many national disasters we have been experiencing just following the total solar eclipse. Hurricane Harvey, the raging fires in the West, and Hurricane Irma have people quite shaken, and it's understandable: the national climate feels almost apocalyptic.

Billy Graham's daughter, who strongly spoke out about God using the eclipse as a warning to America, now has just said that she believes God is withdrawing from America. On Hello Christian, Anne Graham Lotz writes solemnly:"The Psalmist implies that there comes a time when God may not be found. A time when God may hide Himself. It is a time that I believe may have begun in America."

"Our nation is in a mess," Lotz continues. "Why? Could it be because America is losing God’s blessing? And His favor?  Could our sin be provoking His judgment? Judgment that is not necessarily in the form of a nuclear dirty bomb, or in another ISIS attack, or in an economic collapse. But in a Romans 1 judgment that is described as 'the wrath of God being revealed against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness'…and God is backing out of our national life and turning us over to ourselves."

Lotz seems to view the problems befalling America as God's warning to America of even future judgement. She writes, "God always warns a nation that judgment is coming. He does not want any to perish. But if a nation does not heed His warnings, then He will unleash His anger and there is nothing—no one—who can prevent it. If God would judge His own beloved nation of Judah, why would we think America could escape?"

Many are looking at the current misfortunes America is experiencing and wondering if we really need to repent. Lotz wholeheartedly thinks so: "Now is the time to get serious about repentance and prayer. When Ezra led a great revival in Judah, the people stood in the pouring rain for three days repenting of their sin. (Ezra 10:9) I wonder…had God made it hard on His people to test the seriousness of their repentance?"

Lotz is not impressed by some of the shows of repentance she has seen at various churches and Christian meetings. She feels there is a deeper repentance that God is looking for, and she even asks herself is she is serious enough about repenting. "Some of the prayers and calls for repentance that I have heard within the church or at prayer events seem to be a rending of garments. An outward show to impress. Often the pleading seems to be contrived and hollow, instead of broken-hearted and contrite," shares Lotz.

"Only God knows those who are rending their hearts as they seek Him," she continues. "But I am led to ask myself…how truly serious am I about seeking God on behalf of our nation? When was the last time I fasted and wept and mourned and confessed the sin of our nation as though it were my own? I believe the future of America hangs on the answer to that question."

Sadly, the death toll from Hurricane Irma is already rising, and experts are reporting much more damage to come. What do you think about Lotz's sober interpretation of what is happening in America? Do you think she is right? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments! Thank you!

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