Billy Graham's Daughter BOLDLY REDEFINES Feminism

April 19, 2016Apr 19, 2016

The word 'feminism' is this two-edged sword to Christian women. On the one hand, we all want to uplift and support women in their strength and gifts. On the other hand, many Christian women take offense at some of the connotations of feminism, like a dismissal of men and an almost militant embrace of abortion.


Here, on her blog, Anne Graham Lotz offers an alternative definition of feminism, calling herself an "evangelical feminist." "An evangelical feminist is a woman who is a strong, bold, free-spirited leader inside and outside of her home, unashamed of her faith in God, His Word, His Son, and His Gospel. With that definition, I would identify myself as an evangelical feminist," she writes.


Lotz shares that her own mother, Ruth, would very well qualify as an evangelical feminist.  "Her strong character and faith are legendary. I am convinced there would not be a Billy Graham as we have known him, if there hadn’t been a Ruth Graham beside him. She never felt staying home to raise five children a demeaning burden. Instead, she considered it the highest privilege she could be given. She was an artist, a pianist, an intellect who read everything available, and an authority on early American log cabins. She cared for sick neighbors, stayed in touch with missionary friends, helped my father write his many best-selling books, supervised the running of a large, unique household so that my father was free to give full attention to his preaching, learned to ride a Harley-Davidson and to hang-glide. She was filled with an exuberant zest for life. When the last child left home, she stepped out to speak, and published her own poetry and writings. William F. Buckley, Jr., once related to me that she had been the sparkle at a recent White House state dinner he had attended, easily carrying the conversation at the President’s table."

We love seeing this picture of Ruth Graham, a wonderful role model! What do you think of Lotz's description of "evangelical feminists?" Would you like to see more women like that today?