Franklin Graham Reveals One of the Most Important Things Billy Graham Ever Taught Him

August 29, 2018Aug 29, 2018

On Wednesday, February 21, the world said goodbye to one of the most famous preachers of all time. Evangelist Billy Graham, who spoke to an audience of several million about the gospel, passed away. 

In the wake of his death, thousands of people around the world poured in tributes. Many talked about the great impact that Graham had on their walk with God and how his words inspired and deepened their faith. Graham, the "pastor to presidents" influenced those with the most power and those with the least. 

After his death, Billy's son, Franklin Graham, revealed that he would be releasing a book that focuses on what his father had taught him throughout the years. Franklin followed in his father's steps in ministry and has influenced many around the world as well. His book, "Through My Father's Eyes," talks about the many life lessons that his father taught him throughout the years.

On Wednesday morning, Franklin Graham took to social media to talk about one of the most important lessons that his father taught him. He wrote one simple yet profound statement regarding the importance of scripture.

Franklin wrote, "My father @BillyGraham said,  '...God has not promised to bless oratory or clever preaching. He has promised to bless His Word.'"

Billy Graham often talked about the reverence of the Word and would always preach out of the Bible. He once said that "the only place we can find a clear, unmistakable message is in the Word of God."

The world-famous evangelist would encourage everyone in the audience to pursue a relationship with Christ and to hear God's voice through the reading of the Word. It is evident that he preached the same theme to his own children as well. 

After sharing the profound life lesson talking about the blessing of Scripture, Franklin added that more life lessons are available in his book.

He wrote, "You can read about this and many other lessons I learned from him in Through My Father's Eyes." He then added a link to his website.

What do you think about this valuable statement? Do you agree with Billy Graham? Let us know. In other recent news, watch the worship leader, father of 6 leave Simon Cowell in a puddle of tears after his performance on America's Got Talent!