Billy Graham 'Detested' Church as a Child Until His Mom Prayed This One Special Prayer

February 23, 2018Feb 23, 2018

The world has recently learned about the passing of one of the most iconic Gospel preachers of all time. Billy Graham, the famous evangelist, passed away peacefully at his home this past Wednesday.

Billy was known across the world. He preached God's Word and brought millions of people to Christ. However, what most people don't know is that Billy once hated going to church.

In 1978, CBN spoke with Graham's mother, Mrs. Frank Graham, in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a report for "The 700 Club." According to CBN, she shared something truly powerful about how she prayed for her son.

"Our main prayer was that he might study to show himself 'approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,'" she shared. "That was really the sincere prayer of our heart for years."

In fact, Billy even once said he "detested" going to church as a young man. However, throughout the prayers of his mother and through God's glory, we know that he changed his heart.

"I detested going to church," he said about his younger years. He also said he preferred "baseball to religion."

"I was opposed to evangelism," he recalled. "But finally, I was persuaded by a friend (to go to the meeting)… and the Spirit of God began to speak to me as I went back night after night. One night, when the invitation was given to accept Jesus, I just said, 'Lord, I'm going.' I knew I was headed in a new direction."

Billy's life is an amazing testimony to the power one person has to truly change the world. As we celebrate Billy's life, may we always remember the potential we have to impact the world, and may we go forth and impact the globe for Christ.

What do you think about this? Please join us in celebrating Billy's life and continuing to pray for the Graham family. Also, make sure you read our newest article about the final social media post that Billy ever put on Facebook. It is truly amazing and some are wondering if he knew the end was near.

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