Bill O’Reilly Dustup May Have Just Taken a Sharp Turn

September 18, 2017Sep 18, 2017

Earlier this year, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was fired from the network following several sexual harassment claims. O’Reilly immediately denied the accusations, but one accuser, in particular, stood firm on her allegations and even told her version of the story on a segment of "The View."

In September of 2017, new information was revealed, causing this dilemma to possibly take a sharp turn in a different direction. O’Reilly took to social media to speak out on the new details and assured there’s “more to come.”

According to Newsmax, O’Reilly’s accuser, Perquita Burgess, was arrested in 2015 for filing a false felony report against her boyfriend at the time. She reportedly called authorities, stating her boyfriend “struck her in the face with a gun.”

After police arrived, Burgess appeared to be intoxicated and claimed there was not a gun and her boyfriend actually did not assault her. O’Reilly shared the article by Newsmax, while making a few comments of his own.

In the article, O’Reilly expressed his frustrations about the media giving his accuser so much hype, but didn’t even think about looking into her history. On Twitter, he also wrote, “Sorry to have to post this article but it is necessary to expose the evil in play in this country. More to come.”

O’Reilly later reiterated to his followers, “Please check out for expose about a person who attacked me. Very telling.”

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