Bill O'Reilly Says This is How He'd Handle Reporters Who Harass Sarah Sanders

May 08, 2018May 08, 2018

Bill O'Reilly has plenty of time on his hands since he was forced to leave Fox last year. Now he's got a plan for what to do with it.

He wants to help Sarah Huckabee Sanders with handling pugnacious reporters during White House briefings. Sarah has had trouble with angry reporters since she took on the role in 2017.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the former Fox News anchor recalled telling Sanders, "If somebody gets out of line, I will tell them exactly what I think of their behavior."

He also reportedly said he feels bad for her because she's not able to fight back against their aggression in the same way her boss, President Trump, is able to.

During an episode of his Monday night digital show, he recalled a conversation he and the press secretary had while at a party for the newly confirmed German Ambassador Richard Grinnell. O'Reilly said he volunteered to stand next to her during her almost daily White House press briefings.

"I said, 'Ms. Sanders, with all due respect, if you ever need me to stand next to you in those press briefings, I will volunteer to do that."

O'Reilly claims it as an honest offer, but he said that Sanders simply laughed in response. However, he thinks President Trump "just flamboyant enough to maybe be OK it."

This was the former anchor's first time meeting Sanders. He admitted that he did most of the talking.

"I told her that she is doing a great job, in the sense that it's not a partisan play," he said. "She's representing her country in very difficult circumstances, extremely difficult, and she's a patriot — you know, she's taken enormous amount of abuse, enormous."

Do you think having O'Reilly with Sanders would help? In other news, see the royal family member who attended the Met Gala on Monday. She's very reminiscent of Diana. 


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