Bill Nye Mocks Religion While Talking About the Solar Eclipse

August 20, 2017Aug 20, 2017

As the nation waits in eager anticipation for the coming solar eclipse, one major scientist is speaking out. Bill Nye recently penned an article about the beauty and the science behind the event.

“We've come a long way. That we humble humans can understand all of this is remarkable, and despite all the troubles around us today, it fills me with optimism about our species and our future,” wrote Bill.

However, some people were quick to point out the fact Bill didn’t credit God at all. In fact, he even took a jab at religious people as a whole.

“Modern astronomers predict eclipses like this one with an accuracy that no psychic, no faith healer, no tarot card reader can approach. For most of us, tomorrow's eclipse will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Delight in its beauty,” Bill wrote.

Bill went on to say he hopes the eclipse helps everyone be reminded that we are all citizens of the same planet and here together. He then told readers he hopes this eclipse helps us all to understand our place within the cosmos. He never once mentioned God's creations.

It’s truly sad to see such a famous figure speaking out without even crediting God for creating everything we can see, or even imagine. Let’s remember to give credit to God for all of his perfect creations while we watch the eclipse.

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