Bill Cosby's Lawyers Release Unexpected Statement as Actor Remains Behind Bars

October 08, 2018Oct 08, 2018

On September 25th, 81-year-old comedy actor Bill Cosby was officially sentenced to 3 to 10 years of prison time as a result of the Andrea Constand trial. Before the long and drawn out trial began, Constand — among other women — accused Cosby of sexual assault, which led to him receiving three guilty convictions.

The man who was once known as “America’s Dad” has remained behind bars since the sentencing. Although he remained free on bail ahead of September’s trial, the judge declared that he “had no right” to bail after his prison sentence.

On Monday, October 8th, Cosby’s lawyers released an unexpected statement regarding the case. According to reports, his attorneys have started the appeal process in hopes of getting the comedian out of prison.

He has only been in prison for less than two weeks, reported Fox News.

“The defendant, William H. Cosby, Jr., moves this Court for a new trial in the interest of justice, or at least for reconsideration and modification of the sentence imposed on September 25, 2018,” the motion said.

Watch the Fox News video below for more information:

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In breaking news, a reality television star and father of two is currently in the ICU after suffering from heart failure. Please keep him in your prayers today!