Bill Clinton Speaks Out About Donald Trump

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

After his recent DACA decision, President Donald Trump has taken criticism from a variety of leading national figures. Among them were both former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden. Representing the viewpoint of a wide audience of Americans, Obama and Biden called Trump's new decision "cruel" and un-American.

The Hill has now reported that another high-profile figure has joined in criticizing President Trump's recent decision. Bill Clinton, another former President of the United States, has remarked that Trump ending DACA will crush dreams. 

Among the words that Clinton used to describe Trump's recent decision were "wrong" and cruel." In this regard, Clinton's comments were not unlike those put forward earlier yesterday by Obama, which in turn represent the viewpoint of a whole host of Americans. Not only that, but Clinton remarked that the decision will crush dreams and weaken the American dream, which in his mind is inseparable with welcoming and helping immigrants.

“It’s wrong because it’s bad policy that solves no pressing problem and raises new ones. It’s wrong because it’s irresponsible, passing the buck instead of offering sensible solutions for immigration reform,” Clinton said according to The Hill.

He continued, “Most of all, it’s wrong because it’s cruel to send these young people to places of them have never lived and do not know. For them this is home. The United States is their home.”

Clinton then called on Congress to act swiftly in order to restore protection to these vulnerable persons. Congress should act immediately to protect their status and pave a way for them to have a future in America, wrote Clinton. Once again, Clinton's comments reflect those of former President Obama, who earlier yesterday called for the protection of DACA, a program that he originally implemented. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday that the program will end with a six-month delay, in order to provide the GOP controlled Congress with the chance to pass legislation on the issue according to how they see fit to handle the problem. It is President Trump's hope, however, that the program be ended.

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