Bill Cosby Found Civilly Liable, Sexually Assaulted Teen in 1975

Bill CosbyA civil case has been brought against him for sexually assaulting another person. Judy HuthShe was underage when she attended the Playboy Mansion 1975. Us WeeklyYou can confirm.

A civil jury ruled in favor Huth, 64. He claimed that the 65-year old Pennsylvanian had molested her in her bedroom at a party. Hugh Hefner’shouse when she was just 16 years old.

While the Cosby ShowThe final ruling was made without the presence of alum. Documents obtained by UseThe two-week-long trial revealed that Huth was awarded $500,000 in damages. The documents also state that Huth was “under the age of 18 years” when she came into contact with Cosby and that he “intended to cause harmful or offensive contact with Ms. Huth by “use of his sexual organs,” while being motivated by “abnormal” and “unnatural” sexual interest in her as a minor.

Despite the verdict, Cosby’s publicist and crisis manager told Use on Tuesday that the trial “was a huge victory” for the disgraced comedian.

“They are looking for millions of dollars,” the rep explained. “That amount [awarded]We will appeal that decision. However, Mr. Cosby will not be paying punitive damages,” they concluded.

The Pennsylvania native, who has previously been accused of sexual misconduct by over 60 women, was sentenced to prison after in September 2018 after being deemed a “sexually violent predator” in the assault case against Andrea Constand. He was sentenced to a lifetime of counseling, and he was also required to appear on a sex offender registry.

Constand, 49, testified in April of that same year that Cosby gave her wine and three blue pills to “take the edge off” before he sexually assaulted her at his home near Philadelphia in January 2004.

“When the sexual assault happened, I was a young woman brimming with confidence and looking forward to a future bright with possibilities,” she wrote in a five-page victim impact statement submitted to the court this week. “Now, almost 15 years later, I’m a middle-aged woman who’s been stuck in a holding pattern for most of her adult life, unable to heal fully or to move forward.”

In June 2021, UseIt was confirmed that Cosby was freed from the Pennsylvania state prison after he completed two years of his three- to 10-year sentence.

Cosby, for his part,​ spoke out about the overturning of his sentence at the time.

“I have never changed my stance nor my story,” he tweeted in JuneA photo of him with his fist raised was also included. “I have always maintained my innocence.”

Cosby expressed his gratitude to those who supported him during the scandal. “Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal,” he said. “Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rule of law. #BillCosby.”

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