Big Movie Director LOSES IT, Says Media Wasn't Biased ENOUGH Against Trump

November 18, 2016Nov 18, 2016

Conservatives get scoffed at by liberals when they point out the massive amount of mainstream media bias against Trump, Republicans, and conservative leaders, but one big Hollywood director is saying that the media wasn't biased enough and made Hillary lose the election.

According to MRC NewsBusters, Ethan Coen of the famed Coen brothers directing team wrote a New York Times opinion piece where he launched into NBC's Jimmy Fallon, writing “How did you manage to shine a nonthreatening light on someone who alarms so many women, frightens so many undocumented families and slurs so many minorities? Can’t have been easy! Thanks! Maybe now you could have the Grand Wizard on your show: He leans his head to you, you slip his hood off and ruffle his hair. Could be a cute bit!”

The co-director/producer of "No Country for Old Men," "True Grit," "The Big Lebowski," and "Fargo" then went on a tirade against the media for being balanced in their journalistic approach to Trump rather than trying to destroy him.

Perhaps Ethan Coen needs to start producing science fiction movies, because it appears he's living in another universe.

In his piece, he also sarcastically thanked Jill Stein voters, Gary Johnson voters, James Comey, Anthony Weiner, the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton, and the American voting population for helping Trump win.

It doesn't appear that he's happy with anyone.

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