Big Brother’s Xavier: ‘Survivor’ Players Were ‘Challenge: USA’ Threats

Is it easier to live on an island than to be locked up in a house for three-months? Xavier PratherHe knew he had got to keep an eye out for the former SurvivorPlayers as they competed The Challenge: USAMTV Reality Competition Series spinoff -.

SurvivorPlayers are made differently. They just are,” the attorney, 28, exclusively tells Us WeeklyYou can watch the interview below. “To be trapped on an island and win, that’s just different. All three winners from Survivor were named. [was]You are aware of the following: Tyson [Apostol], Ben [Driebergen], Sarah [Lacina]. Tyson’s done Survivor several times, so he’s either built different or he’s just insane. I know that Sarah and Ben have done it many times, and each of them had won before. Dom [Abbate]’s a runner-up, Danny [McCray]’s a former NFL player, Desi [Williams]It is an absolute tank. The Survivor group, I was like, ‘Yeah, they’re going to be a problem.’”

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In fact, he saw “anyone who’s won their show before” as a threat – including Amazing RaceWinner James Wallington, “a formidable competitor” in his eyes – so his plan was to stick with his Big Brother 23 crew.

“I felt like because of our numbers, [we were going to be targeted] regardless,” Xavier explains. “I was focused on us internally. There [are]Nine people from Big BrotherSix people from my season in particular. If we’re able to put aside what happened on Big Brother, we can work together and work together well.”

The Michigan native Tiffany Mitchell, a fellow member in The Cookout alliance that ran BB23, had similar thoughts when they entered the game. “Big BrotherAnd Survivor are two big groups in the house,” he says. “There was an unspoken assumption that people were going to work with their shows.”

The matter was just “whether or not people were going to be able to see the bigger picture and realize working together might be our best chance at finding success on this new show,” Xavier explains. Either that, or he – as the winner of BB23 – would be “the first person to stab in the back.”

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Things were difficult in the past because of previous friendships. “There are some people I don’t want to piss off,” he tells Use. “The game wasn’t worth compromising my friendships. That was my mentality going in.”

“I would love me and my friends to all run a final together,” he adds. “I experienced something similar to that when The Cookout made the final six.”

Alyssa Lopez, who wasn’t part of The Cookout alliance but still a close ally, “was probably the person on my cast I was closest to, easily,” Xavier says, adding, “I don’t think that was a secret. Everyone knows Alyssa, who is also my best friend, heads into the competition. The Challenge. I was excited to be able to fully work with her this time too.”

And yes, they’re still just friends. “We’re not doing that shit again,” he jokes. “Looking thirsty as hell. We’re not doing that again. … I don’t come on these shows to find love.”

The Challenge: USAPremieres on CBS Wednesday July 6th at 9:30 PM ET/PT