Big Brother’s Winner Taylor Talks Historic Win, Joseph Romance

Take it all in. Taylor Halebecame the first Black woman to win an award Big Brother during the season 24 finale on Sunday, September 25, and she’s still processing it after being the underdog all season.

The personal stylist, 27, who also won America’s Favorite Player and had been a fan favorite all summer, had faced bullying and racism in the house, and overcame a ton of adversity to even sit in the final two chairs. She won by an 8-1 vote against personal stylist. Monte Taylor.

“First Black woman to win Big Brother, it was the goal I had coming in,” Taylor exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I didn’t know if it would happen. In the first week, I was the first to the block. It didn’t feel like it would happen at all. It was season 3 that I watched before the season began. Danielle Reyes play just a phenomenal game, the amazing game that she played, and not win in the end, I was just like, there is nothing that will stop me from speaking about wanting to be the first Black woman to win this game and doing everything in my power to make it happen.”

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale

The former pageant queen continues, “I feel like I have played this game, not just for Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Hale. I’ve played it for Da’Vonne [Rogers]. I’ve played it for Bayleigh [Dayton]Every Black woman who has ever played this game and won the ultimate prize was a winner. Azah [Awasum]Danielle Monica [Bailey] who made final three, but just couldn’t take it home for whatever circumstance. It’s bigger than me. I did it for them too.”

Taylor gave arguably the best finale performance in the history of the show with impassioned speeches and answers to the jury members’ questions, challenging them to change the way we look at winners and not just reward someone for winning competitions.

“There’s so much about this game that is validated through competition wins,” she explains to Use. “It’s validated through how you take power and use it. I had the chance to be there a few times but both my HOHs got swept away by men who had vetoes. I thought they would think I was trying to guilt them into voting for me. Due to my relationships with the women of the house, it seemed like they would prefer to focus on numbers and be convinced that a resume is the only path to victory in this game. It was between [Matthew] Turner and Monte at that point.”

Taylor Hale Big Brother Season 24 Winner Taylor Hale on Her Historic Win

Taylor Hale

That self-awareness helped her craft her case to win the game, she says, “All I could do going into that finale was just speak from the heart and be honest about my experience here. If it resonated it did. And if it didn’t, then I had an honest shot, but I’m thankful to Monte for giving me that shot because I couldn’t do it on my own.”

Going into the season, the Michigan native was worried she wouldn’t be taken seriously: “I just felt like I was never going to be seen as a real Big Brother player. I did my best to respect the franchise and take what I could. It’s amazing to know that I was so well received. I never, ever, ever would have expected that at all.”

Taylor was a victim of most of the racism he experienced. Kyle CapenerTaylor assumed that all POC players in the house were members of an alliance and tried, among other things, to form a counter all white alliance. “I know a lot of people are gonna disagree with me, but I truly do have a lot of love for Kyle,” Taylor says. “He’s someone who has owned up to what he is done and he’s willing to do the work to be better in the future. But in the conversations that happened that week when his all-white alliance was revealed – his attempt at an all-white alliance was revealed – I just know that he and Monte had a stronger emotional connection than Kyle and I had. I would have not been upset that he chose Kyle, but 8 is my lucky number. So to walk away from this game with an 8-1 vote and $800,000, I don’t know. My mic pack for the entire season was mic No. 8.”

Cast Big Brother Season 24 Winner Taylor Hale on Her Historic Win

Big Brother Cast

Taylor gives his opinion on how the votes turned out Use she was “shocked by Terrance [Higgins]’s vote” and “thought that there was going to be nothing that would stop him from voting for Monte.” She was also surprised by Indy SantosMonte’s close friend, Alicia. “I remember her putting the key in and saying, ‘I’m voting for my favorite person.’ I’m sitting next to Monte. I know Monte’s her favorite person. So 8-1 is so mind-boggling.”

She was a close friend of hers. Joseph Abdin’s support – and after clearing up some lingering questions she had about him in the game, Taylor tells Us there’s a possibility for romance there: “I am just very, very happy that Joseph did not actually turn on me. I’m really happy that I can just explore what’s going on there now without any fear.”

She’s walking away not with just a win, but with the best story of any Big Brother winner in any season in the show’s 22-year history.

“I didn’t come into this game with the goal of being just a cool Black girl in the house,” she tells Us. “No, I came to be the first Black woman to win the game. So if I’m going to do that, I have to move with forgiveness and tolerance because of the position I was put in from the very beginning. Yes, I do talk about resilience and perseverance. That is what I want people understand about this game. This is not a sport where you have to play like Dr. Will [Kirby]Or Evel Dick [Donato]. You don’t need to be condescending or manipulative. And I know it makes great TV, but being at the very bottom and refusing to give up on yourself can also be really great TV.”