Big Brother’s Turner and Jasmine Get Matching Muffin Tattoos

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Long live Muffingate! Big BrotherAlums Matt Turner Jasmine DavisThey reacted to their disagreement over baked goods on CBS’ reality show with matching tattoos.

“Matching Festie Bestie Muffin Tattoos,” Turner, 23, shared via Instagram on Saturday, October 1, alongside an image depicting his and Jasmine’s twinning body art. “Super Mega BUSSIN.”

Jasmine (30) chose to ink the same design as him on her foot, while he chose to draw the outline of a half-eaten muffin onto his upper thigh.

Davis noticed that someone had ate half of one of her muffins in an episode that aired August. This was the beginning of the so-called Muffingate drama. The Georgia native then began her investigation, asking all the houseguests whether they’d messed with the pastry. Turner initially denied any involvement in the incident, but she later admitted it. Joseph Abdin Taylor HaleHe was actually the culprit.

The southern belle and the Massachusetts native got on each other’s nerves throughout the season despite becoming “Festie Besties” as a result of one of the production twists. When the houseguests celebrated Davis’ August birthday by taking turns giving her compliments, Turner could be seen looking bored and trying to keep a straight face on the live feeds.

Although they didn’t always get along on the CBS reality series, the duo have been hanging out since the season finale on Sunday, September 25.

“Name a better FESTIE BESTIE DUO! And the muffin was BUSSIN btw,” the Rug Shack business owner captioned an Instagram photo of him and Davis on Tuesday, September 27. “AND happy birth YEAR to @jasminemonroe,” he added, poking fun at the entrepreneur’s tendency to stretch out her birthday celebrations in the house.

Big Brothe Matt Turner Muffin Tattoo
Matt Turner/Instagram

Davis could also be seen dancing with Turner’s girlfriend, Megan BelmonteIn a video that was shared with a friend Big BrotherAlum Ameerah J.’ Instagram Story on Wednesday, September 28.

The digital creator was ranked 10th, while the rug maker was ranked third in season 24 of reality competition series. Turner was the only member to vote for Turner. Monte Taylorto defeat Hale, 27.

“I asked the people next to me and they were like, ‘I don’t know if we can tell you who we’re voting for,’” he exclusively told Us WeeklyAfter the finale. “So, I was like, ‘Perfect, I guess I’m just gonna have to decide.’ And I didn’t wanna be on the wrong side of the vote. I knew Monte was going to win. So, I did the wrong thing and the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen because I didn’t wanna look like I was bitter if everyone was voting for Monte and then I vote for Taylor. Then I look like a bitty jury member because he voted me out.”

Hale is the first Black woman who won a season of Survivor. Big BrotherThe first person to win both the Season and the Overall Championships. America’s Favorite Player award.

“First Black woman to win Big Brother, it was the goal I had coming in,” the personal stylist told Us after her historic victory. “I didn’t know if it would happen. In the first week, I was the first to the block. It didn’t feel like it would happen at all. But it was season 3, the last season I watched before entering the season. Danielle Reyes play just a phenomenal game, the amazing game that she played, and not win in the end, I was just like, there is nothing that will stop me from speaking about wanting to be the first Black woman to win this game and doing everything in my power to make it happen.”