Big Brother’s Kyland Talks Working With Cookout on ‘The Challenge: USA’

Kyland YoungOne of six members in The Cookout alliance. Big Brother 23He was a little worried when he saw his former castmates. The Challenge: USA.

The 30-year-old account executive stars alongside his friends on the CBS version of the show. Xavier Prather, Azah AwasumAnd Tiffany MitchellOther than fellow BB23Cast members Derek XiaoAnd Alyssa Lopez.

“As soon as I walked in and I saw a third of my season’s cast, I was worried because I knew everyone else was super mixed up,” Kyland exclusively tells Us WeeklyYou can watch the interview above. ”I knew that would be an easy target for people to look at. I figured the game format might mix it up, but it was one of those double-edged swords.”

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He also knew who the competition threats were, and he named them. SurvivorWinners Tyson ApostolAnd Sarah Lacina, even though he admits he’s “never even watched Survivor.”

Big Brother was the only reality TV show I ever watched,” Kyland explains. “I hadn’t heard of The ChallengeI was in the Big Brother house.”

These shows may seem very different, but the California native credits all of his time competing in them. Big BrotherAssisting him with his transition into the new competition. “The Challenge is a completely different animal,” Kyland says. “That being said, Big BrotherThis was definitely an experience which gave me confidence in myself and my ability to compete. That was a huge help. And it helped point out some of the challenges I could have when I’m in a competition mindset where I also need to maintain the social relationships.”

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Speaking of relationships, Kyland says he “became super close” to BB23 castmate Derek after the show and “in The Challenge, we had the opportunity to deepen that relationship, which was really cool,” adding “He’s like a little brother. I just love the kid.”

He also became close to another castmate. “Me and Alyssa got to bond, which was really nice,” he tells Use. “We were in the Big Brother house, kinda always on opposite sides.”

“In The Challenge, we created a really tight, homie bond,” Kyland adds. “Now we text every day and check on each other. I was always impressed with her. Now, I have the opportunity to strengthen that bond for someone who was one of my most distant bonds. Big Brother, was really nice.”

The Challenge: USAPremieres on CBS Wednesday, July 6 at 9:30 ET/PT