Big Brother’s Jessica Graf Hints at More Kids After 3rd Baby

The postpartum glow! Big BrotherAlum Jessica GrafAfter welcoming her third child with her husband, she felt great Cody NicksonJuly

“I felt as if I was on a high, I can’t explain it. It was just that my energy was up. I was so happy that she was there. … I could cry,” the 31-year-old reality TV personality exclusively told Us WeeklyAtlas, the newborn baby, was born Tuesday September 20th. “I can’t explain how much I love, love having kids. … I never expected to love it this much, but it’s almost like a drug. I just love them so much.”

The Amazing Race alum added that her 2-month-old daughter is “easy” and joked that she needs “a hard baby” to stop her from having more kids. “I would like to have a fourth [child] and I might be talked into a fifth, but no more after that,” she said, laughing.

Jessica Graf
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Nickson, a 37-year-old Florida native, was introduced to the Florida native by Nickson. Big Brother 192017 She and her husband, now husband, placed 12th and 11th respectively. However, they won season 30 of the show. The Amazing RaceTogether in 2018. They were married in October 2018.

In March 2019, Maverick, their first child, was born. Their family grew with the addition of Carter in October 2020. With three children under the age of 4, Graf isn’t the only one already thinking about adding to their brood.

“Cody could create a whole football team if I would let him,” she told Use of her husband’s desire to have more kids. The veteran is also the father to daughter Paisley, a child of a previous relationship.

To celebrate Atlas’ birth, Graf debuted an exclusive capsule clothing collection earlier this month, which she designed with fellow influencer Noelle Downing. This collection is only available on Zulily. It includes clothing for both moms AND their little ones.

“I was approached by Zulily and I am just so flattered and we designed all of these pieces, which is really fun for me because Maverick is super into fashion,” the influencer told Use. She added that seeing her two older daughters “gravitate to things that I’ve created makes me really happy.”

Big Brother's Jessica Graf Says the 'High' of Welcoming Daughter Was 'Almost Like a Drug

Jessica Graf
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Despite her busy schedule with her Zulily line, and three small children at the home, CBS personality still managed to keep up with the latest season. Big Brother. “I was really rooting for Michael [Bruner],” she said. After his impressive streak of wins in competition, the attorney was expelled earlier this month.

“It’s hard to play a really aggressive game and still win. And unfortunately, that’s what I like from my winners. I want them all to pursue their first HOH. I don’t ever wanna see ’em throw a competition. They should be part of every conversation. I wanna be entertained,” Graf explained.

She added that she doesn’t want to see a winner who’s “floated all the way to the end” of the competition, telling Use, “It’s not good TV and I just don’t really respect that kind of gameplay.”

Christina Garibaldi reports.