Big Brother’s Alyssa Lopez Talks Competing on ‘The Challenge: USA’

Her showmance days have ended. Big Brother 23Alum Alyssa LopezShe was determined to win when she signed up to compete in the event. The Challenge: USAThe new CBS MTV franchise, ”

MollieBird’s swimwear designer, 25-year-old MollieBird, opened up about how she entered this new industry with a different mindset than last year.

“Going in [to Big Brother], I was open to anything,” she exclusively tells Us WeeklyYou can watch the interview above. “And I think that’s what messed me up a lot too. I wasn’t going in [where]My only priority was to win. My priority was having fun. I feel like The ChallengeAlyssa will be a different Alyssa. My brain was constantly moving. And the only thing my brain was thinking about was the game.”

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The Florida native is referring to her brief-lived relationship that she had with ex Christian Birkenberger, with whom she’s still good friends. “I already did the showmance thing,” she tells Use. “That is expired for me. The only thing that’s attractive is you. [on The Challenge] was the cash prize.”

Five people from her season BB23Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, Derek Xiao,Kyland YoungAnd Tiffany Mitchell – are competing alongside her, so sticking together, at least at first, was “probably the easiest thing to do,” she says. Things could get complicated.

“I definitely have all of these friendships. [Xavier]was the person I was closest to in the Big BrotherHouse and outside the Big Brother house,” Alyssa explains. “It’s a weird balance going in because you have these friendships and these connections, and you were also just lied to by them just six months ago. … It was a very weird feeling having your best friends there but also your best friends who just lied to you. You don’t want to get got again.”

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She doesn’t have to worry about it though, as the host may be able to help. T.J. LavinAlready, she mentioned Alyssa as a fierce competitor. “Going in and seeing these buff women that are just so intimidating, I just have little string bean me, not really super built,” she says. “But I felt like I definitely had the strength for my body weight. I had the endurance down. Puzzles, however, are not my forte, guys. I tried to practice my mental math as much as possible. I was really practicing my mental math.”

“I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to do very well,” Alyssa adds, saying her plan was “not having regrets” in addition to “going in and playing hard. Playing smart but playing hard.”

The Challenge: USAPremieres on CBS Wednesday July 6th at 9:30 PM ET/PT