Big Brother 24’s Runner-Up Monte Admits He Underestimated Taylor

The wrong interpretation. Monte TaylorIn season 24, he was second Big BrotherOn Sunday, September 25, you can choose to sit next Taylor HaleFor the final and evicting Matthew Turner.

Personal trainer, 27 Vote 8-1 to lose against the personal stylist, who was an underdog all season, and the person Monte thought he could beat – a decision he didn’t realize would cost him the game.

“I don’t know if I would’ve done anything differently, looking back on it,” Monte exclusively tells Us Weekly. “Because I looked at the two people who I had the option of choosing and both I really would’ve loved to sit next to just for the way that they played their games, and how honorable they have been as people throughout this time, from what I’ve seen. I was convinced that Turner’s resume was much more stacked than mine. And if I were to sit next to him, it would purely be a resume conversation.”

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale

He admitted that he underestimated Taylor, the former pageant queen. “With Taylor, I felt like there was a little bit more margin with my resume versus hers, but you you mentioned something around underestimating her ability to communicate to the jury,” he tells Use. “That was something I didn’t consider, is how well she would be able to resonate her story with how much she’s overcome being on the block five – well, now six times, I guess. Everyone who sat next her went home, and she also controlled her destiny, winning her fair share HOHs. It speaks volumes about her character and her ability to communicate. I definitely applaud her for that.”

Monte says “it’s a surprise” to know he would have won had he taken Turner to the end because “I think [Brittany Hoopes and Taylor] put the fear of God in me about sitting next to Turner.”

The Delaware native says he was surprised by several votes – those of Kyle Capener, Terrence HigginsAnd even more Joseph Abdin, and “thought he sealed the deal” by evicting Turner. “I thought [those votes] were pretty solid,” he says, “Especially from a Joseph and a Kyle perspective because we had formed that alliance in The Pound and had worked together so closely throughout the game, and all of us got so close throughout this season. We had many conversations, especially. [with] Joseph, like, ‘If it’s not me, it’s you, bro.’ We wanna see each other win this game. So those were definitely surprising.”

Monte Taylor, Matthew Turner and Taylor Hale 02 Big Brother 24 Turner Reflects on Biggest Game Mistakes

Monte Taylor, Matthew Turner & Taylor Hale

Monte had quite a complicated relationship with Taylor, as he often spoke negatively about her, especially earlier in the game when he said that she wouldn’t be a good representation for the season. The two of them formed a strange romantic connection towards the end, but there were still times when he unfairly criticized Taylor.

“I think Taylor is a great representation of this season because of exactly what she talked about in her speech – her resilience, the way that she handled being on the block every week was in her true fashion,” Monte now tells UseHis comments. “And honestly, I would resonate with it too, because we were both toted as people who were generally unbothered, like, there would be situations where our names were getting thrown out left and right. But we both kept an even head. And I respect that about her game and about her as a person.”

He continues, “As far as the things that I said earlier on in the season, which I do not remember – and I’ve had conversations with Taylor where I have come to terms with the fact that I was not aware of everything that was truly going on, and my perspective on things was completely different. And based off of the information I was working with, I made those statements and I apologized to Taylor for the fact that I’ve thought of her in a different light earlier on in the season.”

Monte Taylor, Julie Chen Moonves and Taylor Hale Big Brother Season 24 Winner Taylor Hale on Her Historic Win

Monte Taylor, Julie Chen Moonves & Taylor Hale

As for how their relationship developed toward the end, he says, “I think from my perspective, I’m a human. I expressed my feelings about things from my perspective. I meant how we interacted in different situations. I sincerely regret any comments that I made that were misogynistic, disrespectful or offensive to women. I was simply trying to convey my feelings with her. So moving forward, we’re still getting to know each other as people, honestly. People have probably [seen]We became closer towards the end of the season. However, this is only one aspect to getting to know someone. There’s so much more to know about someone, especially outside of this game environment. The game can influence so much of the thoughts that you have about someone trying to read their intentions and understand why they’re doing certain things. Whereas now that we’re outside in the world, I feel like we can have more humble, open and transparent conversations about each other and what we wanna do moving forward.”