Big Brother 24’s Jasmine on Taylor Dislike, Faking Her Injury

Jasmine DavisIt was apparent that they spent a lot time in the Big Brother House guests not liking each other Taylor Hale – but she’s now speaking out about their relationship and why they were “not aligned.”

The business owner, who is 30 years old, answered all questions. Us WeeklyAfter her unanimous eviction, Thursday, August 25,

“I don’t think it was anything that I didn’t per se like about her,” Jasmine says. “I just think that her game coming in to the Big BrotherI was not sure if we were aligned based on her house and her strategy. She was sociable with a lot the guys, even though there were girls around, chatting, and discussing girl stuff. She would always go with the guys. And so, you know, I just thought that maybe her strategy was to not work with girls in this game.”

Jasmine David.

She adds, “But in the last week that I was in the house, with the twist, I was able to get to know Taylor so much more. I realized that there is so much we have in common. She’s an amazing woman and I hope that we can be friends outside the house.”

Concerning her game, she claims that she was injured early in her career and tried to use it to her advantage.

“A lot of it was real. It didn’t get strategic until the very end of the game,” Jasmine says. “Once I started to see how many people were basically babying me and I like to be spoiled – I mean, it was my birthday month in August, so I was like, why not? So in the last few weeks, I was like, ‘I wanna just milk this as far as I can, be strategic with it and try to hope that it can help me in my game.’ So yeah, just a little bit of it was strategic, but the majority of it was very real and very painful.”

Big Brother 24's Jasmine David Exit Interview

Jasmine David.

When asked who’s playing the best and worst games in the house, she tells Use, “I definitely think Michael [Bruner]I think he is the best player right now. 1, he’s literally a comp beast. So even if you did try to come for him, I’m scared that he would literally just win a veto and get himself off the block. So I definitely think he’s playing the best game. And also, I know he has final twos and alliances that I’m probably not aware of. I think he’s a very smart guy. He wins even the most basic games we play in our house. So I know he’s playing this game good. And the worst game, I would have say Kyle [Capener]. I believe that No. I think that No. 2, he just doesn’t talk game with a lot of people that I see ‘cause he sure didn’t with me until it was down to him being on the block. So I think that maybe he’s playing the worst game.”

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