Big Brother 24’s Alyssa Addresses Kyle Relationship, Past Drama With Taylor

Alyssa SniderShe is reflecting on her experience after being the latest houseguest expelled from Big BrotherSeason 24 will begin on Thursday, September 15.

Head of Household voted 24-year-old customer service rep out Monte TaylorAfter there was a tie vote between her, Taylor Hale.

“I think I campaigned a lot this week,” Alyssa exclusively tells Us Weekly after her eviction. “I’m really proud of myself for holding my own, but I really think that I could have campaigned harder to Monte because I really didn’t think it would come to a tie. I thought that if I had Brittany [Hoopes]I had [Mathew] Turner, I had the votes to say, but I really should have had a better campaign to Monte at the end of the day.”

Big Brother 24's Alyssa Talks Kyle, Taylor Relationships in Exit Interview

Alyssa Snider.

Alyssa was in a showmance with this season Kyle CapenerHe was criticized for making racist comments and suggesting that all white houseguests should stick together.

“I feel very disappointed with the comments Kyle made in the house and I need a lot of clarity on that,” the Florida native tells Use. “So I think getting out of the house – in jury – I can have some good conversations with Kyle. And then after that, I can have some conversations with my family and friends and see where we lie.”

It seems she’s still happy she voted to evict her boyfriend, though it was a unanimous vote so he would have left whether she did or not. “I think my biggest move in the game was voting Kyle out of this house because it really showed people that I’m ready to play my own game on my own person and my own player,” Alyssa says. “My biggest mistake in the game was probably allowing my alliances to just blow up in the first two weeks of the house. I wish that I had one major alliance that I could have worked in and strategized in, but all of that kind of blew up in my face.”

While she grew closer to Taylor in the recent days they were seated alongside one another on the block, Alyssa was part of a girls’ girls alliance earlier in the game and didn’t always have nice things to say about the pageant queen.

Big Brother 24's Alyssa Talks Kyle, Taylor Relationships in Exit Interview

Taylor Hale, Alyssa Swider

“Honestly, Taylor really surprised me,” Alyssa explains. “I feel like our relationship over the past couple weeks really blossomed and I really got to see who she is as a person, and she is amazing. So if I would’ve just given her the benefit of the doubt from the beginning of the game, then we could’ve worked together going forward.”

As for who’s playing the best and worst game in her eyes, she tells Us, “I think Monte is playing the best game. Everybody thinks he’s playing a clean game, which he definitely isn’t. He has a number of HOH wins. He is a great judge manager. So I think he’s playing the best game. Brittany is, unfortunately, playing the worst game. I think Brittany has seen everything with Michael. [Bruner] and her getting caught in a bunch of lies, she’s kind of at the bottom of the totem pole.”

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