‘Big Brother 24’ Cast Interviews: Watch the Videos

How do you think you would win $750,000? The 16 new Big Brother 24Houseguests are rethinking their plans to claim the grand prize at summer’s end.

Us Weekly had a chance to send questions for the new cast — which includes a Vegas performer, an attorney, a private chef, a flight attendant, a thrift store owner and more — to get an idea of their strategies for the game. We asked questions about alliances, competitions, and, ultimately, whether they would choose loyalty over loyalty.

Hosts will keep the newbies on their toes Julie Chen MoonvesOnly told Use there will be a big eviction night twist this season. “It may not be one of the people that you think that ends up getting bounced that night,” she explained. “These houseguests aren’t going to learn of this new twisted twist until that night. So your head is gonna be spinning this season.”

Sonja Flemming/CBS (4)

She added, “There are so many twists and turns this season and challenges that are so much harder that you’re gonna have a hard time just figuring out how to survive in the house.”

Speaking of the house, it’s design is a very Palm Springs retro feel that they’re calling the “BB Motel.” Julie says, “You can check in, but you can’t check out. You don’t really wanna check out (laughs). You don’t wanna get evicted. You want to stay in the BB Motel. So it has that whole feel to it this year.”

Each week, there will be a new twist on theme, which is “BB Fest,” she says, “like a music fest, a comedy dest, a renaissance fest. But my personal favorite – I think most people will agree – is going to be the Zing Fest.”

How will these new houseguests adapt? Scroll down to see the houseguests’ game-winning strategies.

Big Brother 24Premieres live on CBS Wednesday, July 6th at 8 PM ET/PT