Biden Says 3 Words That You’ll Actually Love

January 06, 2017Jan 06, 2017

On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden said three words that conservatives will actually love, thus securing President-Elect Donald Trump’s unprecedented fourth victory in one of the weirdest presidential elections in history.

He said, “It is over.”

Biden was responding to a group of Democrats who were making yet another attempt to disqualify Trump’s election victory, according to The Hill.

As the U.S. House and Senate met Friday to officially tally the Dec. 19 Electoral College votes and certify Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton, desperate Democrats objected again, challenging whether the electoral vote was really valid.

Biden shut them down, effectively giving Trump a fourth victory after he won early in the morning Nov. 9, won the recount efforts in three states, and won the Dec. 19 Electoral College vote.

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