4-Time Best Actress from Beloved Classic Films Takes Final Breath, Remembered as ‘One of the Greats’

April 15, 2019Apr 15, 2019

Classic film fans are in mourning after learning about the passing of Berit Elisabet Andersson, commonly known as Bibi Andersson. She was 83 years old at the time of her death, which occurred on Sunday, April 14th, according to Fox News.

A cause of death was not cited. However, she did suffer a stroke in 2009 and stayed out of the spotlight since her health declined.

Andersson was best known for her work alongside filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Some of her most famous performances include her roles in “The Seventh Seal,” “Persona,” and “Wild Strawberries.”

Later, she appeared in dozens of other films including “The Devil’s Eye” and “Scenes from a Marriage.” She was named a 4-time best actress by Sweden Film Institute’s annual awards because of her honorable work in the film industry.

Many fans posted heartwarming tributes for the late actress. She will certainly be remembered as “one of the greats,” noted one fan.

Andersson leaves behind her daughter and husband. Please pray for them as they cope with this difficult loss.

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