Beyond meat: three pioneering alternative proteins – FFA

3. Meals made out of skinny air

It sounds nearly too good to be true, however Solein is making protein from skinny air. Developed by a Finnish biotech startup referred to as Photo voltaic Farm, they declare Solein is the world’s most sustainable protein.

It’s made by cultivating an historical micro organism ate up CO2 from the air – plus hydrogen bubbles produced utilizing water electrolysis – in a course of much like fermentation.

These microorganisms make amino acids, fat, nutritional vitamins and carbohydrates. Come harvest time, extra water is eliminated and so they’re dried right into a protein-rich powder.

Photo voltaic Farm says the method is much more environment friendly than photosynthesis, and requires a fraction of the land and water required to feed livestock or develop crops. It may be made right into a meat and dairy different, or utilized in snacks and drinks as a fortifying protein additive.

For now Solein is simply accredited on the market in Singapore, however Photo voltaic Farm is presently searching for authorisation within the UK, Europe and the US.

Picture: Solein
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