Beware: This Popular Brand of Candle Might Explode

August 03, 2017Aug 03, 2017

Ashley Brawley, a 29-year-old mother from Burleson Texas, had no idea that simply lighting a candle could send her to the emergency room reports People Magazine. She lit a three-wick Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel candle in her living room and then went about her day. Three hours later, she smelled burning.


When she entered her living room, she saw the candle burning six-inches above the top of the glass. Panicking, she began to furiously blow it out. Then the unbelievable happened; a “fire ball” flew up into her face.

A nest home security camera captured the whole thing on film. The security footage shows Ashley attempting to blow out the candle, the flames hitting her face, and her jumping backward.

Ashley’s husband, Cody Brawley, heard his wife screaming and rushed in to help her.

“He carried the candle outside using oven mitts, and when he hosed it down, he said the hot glass exploded into pieces,” reports People.

Inside the house, Ashley tried to soothe her burned face with cold water and aloe vera—but to no avail. She told Cosmopolitan magazine that her face had turned a reddish, purple color, and her lips had lost all color, turning white.

When it became clear that this wasn’t something Ashley could treat at home, the couple went to the emergency room. Doctors treated Ashley for both first and second-degree burns on her forehead, cheek, nose, and lips.

“The candle made a huge flame from just trying to blow it out. The flame engulfed her face, and hot wax splashed all over her face,” Cody wrote about his wife’s ordeal in a Facebook post.

Thousands have viewed the video since Cody posted it, and they have offered “get well” messages. One commenter, however, had an interesting story to tell.

“Had a similar experience with one of their candles,” wrote Katie Weber. “Whole thing, including the tinted glass caught fire. When we tried to put it out, it exploded. Very scary.”

L Brands, which owns Bath & Body Works, stated to People.

“We are very sorry that this happened and are taking this situation extremely seriously. The safety of our customers is our number-one priority, and we are actively working to learn more details from the customer.”

The company has offered the couple a $25 gift card to cover the cost of the candle. However, they realize that this doesn’t compensate her for the experience, they say. They also said they hope to get to the bottom of what went wrong.

“As decades of rigorous testing have shown, our candles are safe to use in accordance with the printed instructions,” the statement continued.

As of today, Ashley is still recovering, and she doesn’t know if she’ll be scarred for the rest of her life. She does know that she won’t be using candles again.

“I would’ve never imagined in a million years that I would walk in and it would be in flames,” said Ashley. “I’ll never use a candle again. Ever. I mean, it scared me.”

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