Bethel Pastor Bill Johnson Shares Why He Voted For Trump

November 14, 2016Nov 14, 2016

There has been a lot of hate after this election. People thought that once the vote was over, things would cool down. However, it has proved just the opposite as friend has turned against friend and family member against family member, depending on who they voted for. What's more, there has been sharp criticism within the Christian community on who they voted for, with some on each side saying that the other is "wrong," "deceived," and even "immoral."


Bethel pastor Bill Johnson received sharp criticism for voting for Trump. He was told he needed to check his Bible and that he was blatantly wrong. In response to such vitriol, Johnson wrote an op-ed in defense of his vote that has now been widely circulated. Here are some excerpts, and you can read it in full at

Johnson began by saying: "I was told if I voted for Trump I needed to open my bible to find out why it was morally wrong. So I did, and this is what I found.

"I found that murder/abortion was wrong, which Clinton approves of even up to the point of delivery. Changing the name from baby to fetus doesn't change reality. It's a baby. I also found that one of the main biblical purposes of authority is to speak on behalf of those who have no voice. The unborn qualify.

"I found that one of the primary responsibilities of the government to protect its citizens. Clinton pulled the protection back from our representatives who were crying out for help at Benghazi. She then deceptively blamed a video on YouTube, knowing it wasn't true.

"I found that compassion for aliens (visitors to a nation) is vital, but here again the responsibility to provide safety for its citizens comes first. Open borders violates such a responsibility, creating an impossible task for our law enforcement officers who already live in the daily challenge of risking their lives to provide safety for all enter our borders, citizens or not.

"I found that honesty is a core value of Gods kingdom and that Clinton violated that value when she deleted hundreds of thousands of emails, some of them classified, and then lied about it to congress and tried to destroy the evidence. Some of the classified emails were given to unclassified people, putting our safety as a nation in jeopardy.

"I found that redefining the family according to the latest immoral code is in fact cursed by God. Tragically this is a primary focus and value of the Clinton candidacy.

"I found that socialism is contrary to Jesus and His teachings. He strongly taught of the importance of giving to the poor. But when he talked about taking from the one person who had one talent (a sum of money) and gave it to the one who had the most, He disqualified himself from being a socialist. Socialism robs people of personal identity and liberty at the expense of national control and power. I cannot call it compassion if I take your money and give to someone in need. It's only compassion when I give my own."

Johnson has received great criticism for his letter, and has written again to share the pain of the backlash he and his friends have received because of it. What do you think of his points? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!