Best Friend of Missing Woman Speaks Out, Reveals Major Details that Raise Questions

February 07, 2019Feb 07, 2019

A massive search has just been launched in order to find a missing mother in Kentucky. Police are searching for Savannah Spurlock after she never made it home recently. Now, the search is growing and making national news.

"Police in Richmond, Ky., said officers and Garrard County Emergency Management were conducting a search Thursday for Spurlock in 'specific areas' in Garrard County. They did not provide further details on the areas or what information led them to those spots," reported Fox News.

Savannah was last seen on surveillance video leaving a bar in Lexington, Kentucky. She was with two men in the video. At this time, police are looking into this discovery and trying to figure out exactly what occurred after she was last seen.

“I don’t sleep at night. It’s a nightmare,” Ellen Spurlock, Savannah's mother, told Fox News. “I’m just trying to get information out to the public in the hopes and prayers that somebody is going to come forward that will lead to her.”

At this time, no one has been charged in connection with her disappearance. Officials are simply doing their best to bring Savannah home. The young woman is also a mother who gave birth to twins last month.

In a new development, Savannah's best friend is speaking out about the disappearance. She is offering her opinion on the case and has revealed some interesting information. She says she believes there is more to the story because her friend would never have gone with the men if she knew what was going on.

"No matter how intoxicated she would have been, she would not have been willing to go with strangers to Garrard County," Sabrina Speratos, 21, told Fox News. “She would even have called her mom to come to get her if she knew they were going to take her there – that’s how close she was with her mother, with me. I mean if she didn’t want to call her mom she would have called me.”

The images of Savannah leaving the bars seem to offer little information about what happened that night. Savannah does not seem to be afraid in the videos.

"Speratos told Fox News she thinks Spurlock felt comfortable enough to leave the bar with the men perhaps to have a nightcap or go to a nearby party. But, she added, she wouldn’t have consented to drive a long distance away from the home where she lives with her mother in Richmond," according to Fox.

Please join us in praying she is found safe and is reunited with her family. We also pray for local law enforcement officers as they work the case.

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