Best Pain Relief Balms for 2022 — Soothe Aches and Sore Muscles

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Whether you’re experiencing pain from overused muscles or joint inflammation from arthritis, CBD pain relief balms are great for relieving discomfort. It can be difficult to know which CBD products and companies work best, as there are so many on the market. To help you find the best pain relief balm for you, we’ve compiled a list of our best relief balms to ease the aches and pains throughout the body.

Our Top Picks For the Best Pain Relief Balms

1. Best Overall – Raw Botanics

Raw Botanics

The Raw Botanics Company produces CBD products using organic ingredients. This helps people to relax, recover, and rebalance. Raw Recovery Muscle and Joint Relief CBD rolls-ons combine the uplifting aromas and cooling sensations of essential oils, such as ginger, eucalyptus, white camphor, and menthol to instantly relieve chronic pain.

This pain relief balm is made from USA-grown hemp. There are no preservatives and additives. This topical CBD cream has received rave reviews from customers. It is praised for its ability to reduce muscle tension, joint pain, stiffness, and other issues.


  • The roll-on application is simple and straightforward
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  • No preservatives or add-ons
  • Made with USA-grown hemp


  • It comes in a 500mg strength rolling-on

How to use itApply the balm liberally to the affected areas using the roll-on application. You can apply the balm again every four to six hour depending on your needs.

It’s amazing!

2. Best for Sensitive Skin – CBDistillery

US Weekly - Best Pain Relief Balms

CBDistillery is a distillery that is at the heart of everything they do. They are passionate about extracting plant compounds from plants and vital nutrients to improve the health and well-being of their customers. Their CBDefine Skin Care Cream contains 500mg of CBD to rejuvenate and restore even the most sensitive skin.

This cream moisturizes your skin with organic oils like coconut, olive, and almonds. It’s the perfect skincare routine addition and safe to use daily.


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  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Made with USA-grown hemp
  • Non-GMO


  • It is only available in a 500mg strength

How to use itMassage the CBD cream into the skin, allowing it to absorb. For best results, apply the CBD cream as often as necessary and continue to use it daily.

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3. Relieve Your Back Pain – Green Roads

US Weekly - Best Pain Relief Balms
Green Roads

Green Roads is committed to quality control and transparency with customers. Their mission is helping customers achieve their healthiest possible state of mind through the power of cannabis. They offer pain relief CBD cream for Pain Relief CBD cream, which can be used over-the-counter to treat backaches, arthritis, muscle pains and strains.

This CBD balm has 750 mg of CBD. It contains active ingredients like methyl salicylate, menthol, and other ingredients that provide heavy-duty relief for the most stubborn pains. Green Roads also adds avocado oil, vitamin E and eucalyptus oils to this pain relief cream to make it smoother.


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  • Formulation by pharmacist
  • Made with USA-grown hemp
  • There are three strength options available


  • It is only available in a 1-ounce bottle

How to use itApply the balm to the area and massage the skin. You can apply the balm again as needed, but not more often than four times per day.

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4. Best CBD Isolate – Joy Organics

US Weekly - Best Pain Relief Balms
Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a leader of the CBD industry for testing, manufacturing, and quality standards. They were one of the first companies to offer USDA Certified Organic CBD salves with no THC.

Not only does their Organic CBD Salve provide muscle and joint support with your choice of 500 mg or 1000 mg of CBD, but it’s also great for nourishing dry and cracked skin. Nearly 100 customers give this topical relief 4.9 stars for the benefits they’ve experienced in their skin and joints.


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  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • USDA organic
  • Contains no THC
  • It is available in two sizes jars and two strengths of CBD.


  • The price is slightly higher than other CBD options.

How to use itApply the cream liberally onto the affected area. Massage it into the skin until it’s absorbed. As needed, apply the cream again.

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5. For Arthritis Pain Relief – Smile CBD

US Weekly - Best Pain Relief Balms

Smile is a company that develops CBD products using high-quality ingredients. This helps customers find their balance. Their CBD Pain Cream contains a combination of CBD, arnica and juniper oils for fast relief from everyday pains.

This CBD topical also has essential nutrients to revitalize dry skin, as well as antioxidants to reduce signs such acne, eczema, ageing, and other conditions. Customers give Smile CBD Pain Cream five stars claiming it’s helped them with everything from shoulder pain and arthritis to back stiffness and joint discomfort.

Their CBD products are free of THC, gluten, allergens, artificial flavors, GMO, and animal-derived ingredients, so you know you’re getting a quality product every time.


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  • Non-GMO and gluten free
  • Made with USA hemp organically grown
  • 30-day return policy


  • It is only available in 500 mg strength

How to use itMassage the cream into the skin, allowing it to absorb. You can apply the cream throughout the day as many times as you need.

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6. Best Anti-Inflammatory – Hempsi

US Weekly - Best Pain Relief Balms

Hempsi spent many years perfecting their cultivation, harvesting, processing CBD to offer customers high-quality products like their Full-Spectrum CBD pain relief cream. They use a unique combination of plant-based herbal remedies, cannabinoids, and cannabinoids in order to relieve pain and inflammation throughout the body.


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  • 30-day return policy
  • Made with USA-grown hemp


  • CBD balms are more expensive than other CBD products

How to use itApply a generous amount cream to the affected area. You will feel a tingling sensation within five minutes. This sensation may intensify to ease deep aches or pains. You can apply the CBD cream again if necessary

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How to Choose the Best Pain Relief Balm

There are many CBD companies and products available on the marketplace. This number is expected to rise as new cannabis laws and regulations are developed. It can be difficult to choose the right pain relief product. However, we try to keep it simple when choosing CBD products for our top-of lists.

Reputation of a Brand

CBD products are not FDA-approved. This means that there are very few regulations regarding the selling and production of CBD products. To ensure that their products are safe and effective, there are some standard practices that many companies follow.

When reviewing reputable brands for pain relief balms or pain-relieving creams we look for companies who have their products tested by third parties, and make lab results available to consumers.

We look for brands that have customer reviews and websites that provide basic information about the company, including its mission, extraction, production, and contact information. We also do an online search to verify that there have not been any lawsuits or negative press about the brand or its products.

Customer Reviews

Different CBD products work differently for different people. Reviews from customers are a key part of our understanding of how the CBD pain-relieving products on this list work for different people. We want to recommend products that everyone enjoys, so we search for customer reviews with at most a 4/5 star rating.

Products with many positive reviews tell us that a product meets buyers’ expectations and provides insights into potential benefits and uses. Reviews also provide a perspective on the brand’s reputation and potential cons of the CBD balm. These are our approved nonprescription CBD items that our customers have been happy with.


CBD pain relief cream ingredients are crucial to ensure safety and effectiveness. We prefer CBD balms that are organic, all-natural, and primarily natural. We want to see active ingredients such as menthol in pain relief creams that are known to reduce pain and discomfort. We are also looking for products that are free of GMOs, cruelty-free, and made from USA-grown hemp.


Most people use CBD creams that work for their ailments every day. And when you’re using a cream every day, you’re going to go through it quickly. When we’re looking at CBD brands and products, we want to find affordable options that you can make repeat purchases without spending a ton of money. We also enjoy products that allow you to subscribe to save money when making repeat purchases.

Return Policies

With a return policy, you can try balms risk-free and quickly return one if it’s not the right fit for you. CBD creams can work differently depending on who you are. We find that certain brands and products work better in some people than others. This is why we look for companies with a 30-day or 60-day return guarantee.

Many people are unfamiliar with hemp-derived CBD products. A good return policy is essential.

How to choose the right pain-relieving balm for you

There are so many CBD pain relief balms available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Two essential factors to consider when choosing a cream are the type of pain and the intensity.

  • Types of painMost CBD pain-relieving creams can be applied to any part of the body. Some companies create products that target specific pain points, such as muscle soreness and arthritis, and may include additional ingredients to address the root cause. Look for products that can ease your pain type when choosing a balm.
  • Pain intensityCBD balms come with different strengths, depending on the amount of CBD contained in the product. For intense pain, the CBD content in CBD balms is higher. Consider your pain level when choosing a balm. Decide if you need a lower CBD (100mg-200mg) and a full-strength product (1,050 mg).

It’s important to note that CBD balms provide temporary relief. Talk to a healthcare professional if you experience severe pain that lasts more than a few days.

Other products that can help relieve pain

CBD creams may not be for everyone. However, there are other CBD options that can help with minor discomfort and pain.


The most common forms of CBD are oils and tinctures. To administer topical cannabidiol oil orally, you will need to use a dropper to measure the correct dose. The oil will then be placed under your tongue. You can also mix some oils with food or water if you don’t like the taste.

Transdermal CBD oil, lotions, and topical CBD oil can reduce inflammation, but transdermal cannabisbidiol does not.CBD oil taken orally may be a better option as it helps to relieve pain faster.

CBD Lotions

If you like using CBD topicals but don’t like how balms feel, you may want to try CBD lotion. Lotions are similar to balms, but have a silkier texture. They can also be available in a variety of scents and have less menthol than many CBD balms.

CBD Gummies

Gummies are great for people who need immediate pain relief. Gummies are a great alternative to balms that only relieve pain in the area they are applied to. They also provide relaxation to soothe minor muscle pains and stiffness throughout your body. You can also choose from a wide range of delicious flavors.

Types of CBD

There are three types: full spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. You can choose the right CBD cream or balm for you by knowing the difference between them.

  • Full spectrum CBD:Full-spectrum CBD products are made from all parts and components of the cannabis plant. It’s believed that using the entire plant provides more health benefits and healing properties.
  • Broad spectrum CBD:Broad spectrum CBD products contain the majority of compounds found in cannabis plants but not all.
  • CBD isolate (pure CBD).CBD isolate products only contain CBD and no other cannabinoids. This is a great option for people who are concerned about THC appearing in a drug test.


Is CBD pain relief effective?

CBD pain balm is not for everyone but it works well for many people. The active ingredient in most topical pain relief creams is called a “counterirritant”. When applied to the skin, the counterirritant distracts from the underlying pain.

Since CBD balms only distract pain and don’t heal the alignment, they work best to relieve minor discomfort and reduce inflammation. Many people find CBD pain balms and other CBD products useful for relieving pain from muscle pain, skin irritation and joint pains.

Can I use CBD balm for back pain during pregnancy?

There are CBD balms out there that claim to ease back pain and discomfort during pregnancy. However, the FDA warns against using CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s always safest to check with your medical provider before starting any new regimens during pregnancy.

CBD balms can be used to reduce pain in the back and nerve pain if approved by your healthcare provider.

How long does CBD balm take to start working?

While the effects of topical CBD are different for each product, you will usually feel the effects within one hour. Depending on the strength of the CBD oil, the amount used, and the product used, the relief can last between two and four hours.

Can CBD balm be used to relieve arthritis pain?

CBD can reduce arthritis pain. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce joint inflammation and discomfort. Topical CBD isn’t a cure for arthritis. It is primarily used for mild pain.

What percentage of CBD is effective in relieving pain?

The severity of your pain determines the amount of CBD you should use to achieve the desired effect. A typical 3mg dose of CBD per application will provide relief for minor aches. For more severe pain, you may need to apply up to 8mg CBD. It’s recommended to start with a lower dose to see how your body reacts. If you’re not feeling the desired results, you can increase the strength on the following application.

Is CBD legal in my area?

CBD is federally legal in the U.S., provided it contains less than 0.3% THC. However, it’s important to note that states have their own rules and regulations around selling and using CBD products.

What are the best pain-relieving balms for you?

CBD pain relief balm can be incorporated into your daily life to reduce arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, and muscle soreness. Don’t let minor body aches interfere with your daily activities. There are many CBD balms available, so take your time to choose the right one for you. Check out the ingredients for all-natural products, and also make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable CBD brand with verified customer reviews.

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