Best Lymphatic Drainage Beauty Products

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Do you ever wake up every morning feeling puffy on your face? You might have eaten a lot of salty foods the night before or your eyes are puffy because you are allergic to food or crying. Even your lymph nodes might be a little swollen because of a minor illness. Whatever the reason, you probably want to de-puff — and fast!

Lymphatic fluid buildup can often cause swelling and puffiness. Lymphatic drainage massages can be done on your neck and face to help eliminate toxins. This will improve fluid flow and reduce swelling. Medical News Today can provide more information.

You don’t have to stop at massages either. You don’t have to stop at massage tools. There are also beauty products such as supplements that help with lymphatic drainage. Check out seven of our top picks!

This Gua Sha


When we were deciding on products for this list, gua sha was our first thought. This one is made of natural jade stone and can be used to “scrape” away excess fluid. Its heart shape allows you to target different parts of your facial features. We recommend that you keep it in the fridge before using.

See it!

Amazon has the BAIMEI Gua Sha Facial tool for only $6 Please note that prices are accurate as of September 14, 2022 but are subject to change.

This Roller


This 100% stainless steel roller is naturally cool and can soothe any skin issues. You can use the larger side to treat your cheeks, forehead, neck, and other areas. The smaller side can be used under your eyes or around your nose.

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Dermstore: Get the Skin Gym Stainless Steel Roller starting at $33

This Detox Supplement

HUM Nutrition

HUM supplements are a favorite of ours, and this one is a multitasker. It could help with acne, and it could also detoxify the body, thanks to ingredients such as alpha lipoic acids, which are known for supporting lymphatic system support.

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HUM Nutrition has the Daily Cleanse dietary Supplement for $26

These Cryo Sticks


These cryo sticks were our first love. Kyle Richards called them a “miracle.” They’re made of steel but have cooling gel inside so they can stay cold as you swipe them across your skin. You can reduce the appearance of pores by de-puffing, sculpting and reducing their size. These are some great tips!

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Amazon has the Floraison Unbreakable Steel Magic Cooling Sticks for only $18 Please note that prices are accurate as of September 14, 2022 but are subject to change.

This Magic Glow Wand


Want to skip straight to the luxury stuff — or ready to move up to something more serious? This is our recommendation. It works by using targeted temperature and massage settings to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and loosen sebum. Tip: Move outward from the nose and down your neck in order to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

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Dermstore has the Joanna Vargas Magic Glow Wand at $285

This Cupping Set


You may be familiar with cupping on your back. But did you know that you can also do it on your face? And no, facial cupping doesn’t have to leave unsightly marks! These smaller cups are made of glass with silicone tops that provide safe and easy suction to move lymphatic fluid around. These can be used on other parts of the body.

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Amazon’s Nuanchu 2-Piece Cupping Set is only $14 Please note that prices are accurate as of September 14, 2022 but are subject to change.

This is an original massage tool


While you’ve probably seen tools like gua shas and rollers before, this stainless steel massager is bound to stand out. Although it has a unique appearance, it can also have unique effects. The “fingers” can help more directly “comb out” swollen areas around the face and neck, and you can use the smooth side as well for scraping. This tool can also help target cellulite.

It’s there!

Amazon: Get the KOA Massage & Gua Sha Tool at $99.99 Please note that prices are accurate as of September 14, 2022 but are subject to change.

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