Best Echelon Exercise Equipment for Your Home

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It can be overwhelming to buy new exercise equipment. On the one hand, you’re making a financial decision: quality machines with up-to-date features like integrated sensors and on-demand classes can cost well over $1,000. Workout machines can be heavy and bulky, and can take up valuable space in your house. How do you determine which type of machine will get you in shape and keep you motivated?

Many gym-goers and other fitness enthusiasts were forced to close their doors at the beginning of the pandemic. They also realized that the benefits of owning a machine far outweigh any concerns. Not surprisingly, a trend that started a few years prior to the spread of COVID-19, but has accelerated since: more Americans are opting for their own at-home equipment — especially machines with smart connected features — than ever before. Many of us are now used to working from home making the convenience of working out from the comfort of one’s home even more appealing. Whether you’re commuting back to the office or not, why commute to the gym and wait for shared machines to become available. Not to mention the unpleasant experience of using cardio equipment while someone else is sweating on it.

Echelon is a market leader in smart home fitness equipment. Their fitness machines — from exercise bikes to treadmills and rowers — are priced less than their competitors and are available to purchase with an interest-free monthly payment plan.

As for getting or staying motivated, that’s where Echelon’s smart features really shine. The Echelon Premier Membership, which starts under $30 monthly, gives users access to thousands of live and on-demand classes from world-class instructors for all levels and workout types so you’re never alone. Features like achievement badges and tons of music from real artists — like Pitbull and Lady Gaga —  all contribute to helping you get in the zone, stay there, and meet your fitness goals. You can also use the off-equipment classes to get different types of workouts, and target different muscle groups.

When deciding on the right exercise machine for you, there’s a lot to consider, such as your fitness goals, your challenges, and understanding what motivates or discourages you. Below, we will take a deep dive on three Echelon home exercise equipment options and explain their best uses.


Whether you’re already a seasoned cyclist or want to get started, Echelon’s new EX-8s Connect Bike is a great option for anyone looking to boost their cardio, burn calories and increase stamina.  Cardiovascular training, especially cycling, can help strengthen your heart, lungs, blood flow, and oxygen supply throughout your body. But unlike cycling or running outdoors, or running on a  treadmill, an exercise bike like the EX-8s is much more gentle on your knees, ankles, and muscles with e-Shock low impact support. This can make a huge difference for people with joint pains who are looking to exercise consistently.

The new EX-8s Connect Bike isn’t your typical stationary bike; it takes at-home cycling to levels you’ve never experienced. Its 32 levels of resistance, which are controlled through a motorized magnetic system that ensures you don’t skip a beat as you shift difficulty, is accommodating for all levels — beginner to advanced. All exercise bikes are great for your lower body muscles. However, the EX-8s has excellent features to integrate the rest of your body. The bike’s 24-inch curved HD touchscreen LCD display can be rotated away from the bike for non-cycling activities such as yoga, core strength, and pre-workout stretches. For a more complete workout, the bike comes with dumbbell holders. The bike also has dual-ring LED colors, which change with your workouts.

Echelon offers other bikes such as the GT+ and EX-5s. These bikes offer many of same great features that the EX-8s but at a much lower price. The GT+ is the most economical option, as it doesn’t have an HD display. You can access all classes via your Echelon Premier membership using your own tablet. The EX-5s are available in two sizes: a 10-inch and a 22-inch touchscreen HD display. Although these bikes lack the same features as the EX-8s’, they still have many of the core features, such as 32 levels of resistance, a large padded comfort seat and water bottle racks.

Echelon Rows: Best for Full Body Workout


The majority of home equipment, such as treadmills and bikes, focuses on the lower body. However, rowers like Echelon Row-s can give you a full-body workout. Rowers are particularly great at strengthening the upper back, pecs, arms and abs, but actually target over 85% of the body’s muscle groups. Rowing is low-impact, meaning you’ll be able to burn calories without stress on your joints.

However, all rowers aren’t the same, of course. Because of its incredible features, the Echelon Row-s stands out from the rest. Its magnetic resistance of 32 levels makes it ideal for anyone, regardless of their strength or experience. The 22-inch touchscreen screen is ideal for both live and on-demand classes. It also has a library of scenic waterway workouts from around the world for you to feel like you’re out there though you’re actually in your home. Rotating the display allows you to use it for other workouts such as yoga or strength training.

The Row-s can also be folded for easy storage. The ergonomic design of the Row-s supports proper alignment of the spine and hips.


While treadmills have been around for decades, the Echelon Stride and Stride-S are not your parents’ treadmill of the 90s. The days of bulky, heavy equipment that would end up gathering dust are gone. The Echelon Stride’s integrated smart technology will excite and motivate any user to want to keep working out consistently and getting or staying in shape. Treadmills such as the Echelon Stride, Stride-S and Stride -S are great cardiovascular exercise machines. They can increase your heart rate while you work out, which can dramatically improve your heart health.

Many treadmill owners struggle to stay motivated. The Echelon Stride provides a solution. It offers fantastic live and on demand classes, world-call motivating coaches to follow, and scenic workouts while running to fully immerse you in a place other than your living room.

Treadmills have always been a nuisance for owners. They can take up space in your living area, bedroom, or garage. The Echelon Stride’s patented auto-folding feature makes it easy to fold and tuck away. No need to stare at it when it isn’t in use.

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