Bernie Sanders Sparks Massive Outrage with Political Thanksgiving Message

November 24, 2017Nov 24, 2017

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has sparked controversy on several issues since running a 2016 presidential campaign last year. Associating with socialism in his political life, the U.S. Senator is a very outspoken anti-Trumper.

On Thanksgiving day, he sent out a video message to his Twitter followers, which sparked a massive amount of outrage from Trump supporters. What people were expecting to be a “Happy Thanksgiving” message was actually a political statement, blasting the President of the United States.

In a post that was captioned, “I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. This has been a tough year, but we can move forward in a direction based on generosity and love,” Sanders targeted Trump in a very opposing manner—with hatred.

He began, “On behalf of Jane [my wife] and my four kids and my seven grandchildren, let me take this opportunity to wish everybody a very very happy Thanksgiving season and a wonderful holiday season to come.”

Sanders should have ended his message with a “Happy Holidays,” but he continued by incorporating politics and calling President Donald Trump’s administration “horrendous” and “embarrassing.”

He stated, “I don’t have to tell anybody that from a political point of view, this has been a horrendous year. It appears that almost every day, there is something coming out of the White House that is embarrassing, that is destructive, that is horrific—but that’s the bad news.”

In his opinion, the Left has “won some very significant victories, despite the fact that right-wing Republicans control the White House,” thanks to people “fighting back.”

Additionally, he bashed more of Trump’s politics including the tax plan, calling it “disastrous.” Sanders kept reiterating, “We’re gonna beat them.”

He ended by calling Trump and the Republican leadership “divisive” and a “political disaster,” implying that the president is racist and discriminatory against others based on their sexual orientation or choice of faith.

People were not pleased with Sanders’ remarks. Twitter immediately erupted with angry comments.

Watch Bernie Sanders' full Thanksgiving message below:

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