Bernie Sanders at Center of Big League Rumor

May 29, 2018May 29, 2018

The world has changed a lot since the 2016 Presidential election. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled it out until the final minute for the highest position in America. The campaign undoubtedly changed American politics forever.

Even though President Trump has years left in office, many are wondering what the election season will be like for 2020. Some have speculated there could be some famous challengers looking to unseat President Trump.

Now, there is one more person who may be making another bid for the White House. The huge news has shaken up social media and has many people wondering if it will actually come to pass!

Bernie Sanders is reportedly considering another run for the Oval Office. Bernie became a household name in 2016 and could be a formidable challenger for President Trump.

“When the time comes I think we’ll have an answer to that. But right now he’s still considering it," said Bernie's campaign manager.

He also tweeted this cryptic message online.

“These are frightening and unprecedented times. We have a president who is not only a pathological liar, but someone who is trying to win votes by dividing our nation up based on the color of our skin, our country of origin, our religion, our gender or our sexual orientation.”

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