Benham Brothers Warn: Vote For Hillary And Disobey THIS Powerful Verse

July 28, 2016Jul 28, 2016

With the options as they are, many Christians don't know who to vote for. There is the #NeverTrump group, who is adamantly opposed to Trump as President. But what's the alternative?


The Benham brothers, a popular twin pair who speak out for Christianity in America, have a very strong warning for Christians who would vote for Hillary. Their latest Facebook video shares how the Democratic platform wants to take abortion even further in the following ways.

1) They want to repeal a law that disallows everyone's tax dollars from directly paying for abortions. This means that Christians would be forced to fund the murder of babies.
2) They want to repeal a law that disallows foreign funding from directly paying for abortions. This means that not only do the Democrats want to increase abortions in America, they now want to spread it across the world.
3) They want to ban people from discouraging abortions. Basically, they want to make it illegal for Christians to try to help and persuade mothers to try to keep their babies. Praying Christians outside of abortion clinics would be punished for trying to help.

The Benham brothers share a powerful verse that speaks directly to this issue. "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them" (Ephesians 5:11). They say that to vote for Hillary is to vote for darkness. The "unbelievable" violence Hillary wants to do to the unborn is so terrible that one of the brothers had to make a video, asking his wife to hold the camera. You can watch it here.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Benham brothers? Can someone be a Christian and rightly vote for Hillary? Let us hear your thoughts (and prayers!) in the Comments! Thank you so much!