Benham Brothers' Strong Words On Trump's Values And Campaign

August 25, 2016Aug 25, 2016

The Benham Brothers believe that Republicans are continually caving to the bullying pressure of the liberals. They, themselves, were kicked off of their HGTV show when liberal pressure came knocking at the door of the TV station. But instead of caving to the pressure, they continue to boldly share conservative values, which they say in this interview are sadly seen today as "extremist, wacko, crazy ideas." "But it doesn't matter to us," say the twins, "We're going to stand strong regardless."

And they want to see our next President stand strong as well. When asked if Trump and Pence should stay away from social (religious) issues, the brothers said of course not! "The social issue specifically of religious liberty is vital to American prosperity. I mean, that's our first freedom." Saying that Pence had caved on religious liberty protection in Indiana, the Benham Brothers said that it wasn't because Pence didn't believe in it, but that he got intimidated.

So their strong message to Pence and Trump is: "Hey Trump, stand strong! Don't be politically correct. Don't be afraid of these folks. Just stand strong." The brothers acknowledge that Trump has been weaker than they like on social issues, but also point out that Trump surrounds himself with people who are strongly conservative. And that is a way he can build a strong platform, they say. "If [Trump] surrounds himself with godly people and lets them do their thing, we'll see some positive change."

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