Benham Brothers Reveal The Secret to Defeating the Culture of Death

September 30, 2017Sep 30, 2017

In a recent speech, the Benham Brothers, Jason and David, explained how Christians can defeat the culture of death in America. The identical twins, who lost an HGTV reality show because they wouldn’t deny their Christian views on abortion and same-sex marriage, say it comes down to not denying your faith.

In their speech, they used the analogy of Christians being like a candle, showing their light to the world. This comes from the song “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,” but they think this song gives the wrong image.

In the song, there are lines that talk about not letting Satan blow out your candle. That’s what most people think of when they think of Christian faith being a candle, but that’s not the image we should have. Christian faith isn’t meant to be extinguished by winds—the harsh opposition we receive from the world.

Rather, they say, we should think of our Christian faith being like a lump of coal. Coal is not as easily blown out.

“You see, the same wind that extinguishes the candle’s light ignites the coal’s light,” said Jason.

“What’s the difference between a candle and a coal?” he asked. “A candle is lit from the outside while a coal burns from the inside.”

Jason also turned to scripture to explain back-up his image. He quoted Jeremiah 20:9.

“His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones.”

Just like God burned within Jeremiah from the inside, coal burns from the inside outwards. It’s light and heat cannot be contained once it has been set afire.

“Do you know how God gets the light that’s inside of you out into the world?” asked Jason. “He puts you in situations and around people in certain contexts where the devil is trying to extinguish your light. And the very act of the devil blowing as hard as he can to extinguish your light will actually ignite the light that’s already inside of you.”

While the “winds of culture” might ignite your Christian fervor, they might also extinguish Christian faith. After all, that’s the intention. That wind, they said, comes in the form of “politically correct pressures to accept ‘gay marriage,’ ‘abortion on demand,’ and ‘rampant perversion.’”

In an attempt to avoid that blowing wind, many Christian hide their faith under a basket. They only share their faith when they feel like they won’t be judged for it. They’re no longer a light in the darkness.

The brothers experienced that same temptation when they were approached by HGTV for their own TV show. They felt pressure from the network to deny their views on abortion and same-sex marriage. The show would have featured the twin’s wildly successful real estate business.

They almost gave into the pressure. When producers asked them if they were “anti-gay,” they scrambled to find a way to defend their views, but also keep their TV show. In response, they outlined an email that defended their Christian beliefs but also agreed to keep them quiet.

In retrospect, the brothers say they know they wrote the email in a “man-pleasing spirit.” However, before sending the email, they decided to run it by a spiritual mentor.

“Three minutes later [our mentor] sent an email back saying: ‘How dare you boys write an email like this. … You don’t even know who you are anymore. … How do you know that God hasn’t put you in this situation to tear down the stronghold that’s ransacking this nation? People are operating in fear, and now you are too. You both need to repent.”

The brothers realized that their mentor was right, and they immediately asked God for forgiveness. They further explain what happened to them in that moment.

“We were operating out of a man-pleasing spirit, not a God-pleasing Spirit,” said Jason. “We were operating out of the fear of man instead of the fear of God. We took our focus off of the person of God and put it onto that platform that he put there in the first place.”

He continued, “And guess what, anything that God puts into your hand, if you’re not willing to let it go, it’s that thing that’s enslaving you. You are now controlled by this thing that you’re not willing to let go. And oftentimes, it’s a good thing that God put there in the first place, and [you compromise to protect your platform, saying] you’re ‘doing it for the Lord,’” he added.

The brothers never sent the email. The show went forward with filming, but a couple of months in, HGTV canceled the show. The network had given into pressure that the brothers had withstood.

“[We realized that] this is a ‘bully agenda’ that will not go away, and that it is bullying every single person of faith into submission,” said David of their decision to write books and give public talks.

They have since given about 200 interviews with major television networks and radio programs across the country. In standing up to Hollywood, the brothers gained a platform to share the truth.

“When you face your fear, God takes over the fight,” said Jason. “And let me tell you, if you are willing to face your fear, God promises you this: your greatest blessing is only found on the other side of your greatest fear.”

“And we’ve got to embrace this [fight], whatever the cost,” added David.

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