Benham Brothers Issue Incredibly STRONG WARNING To Believers

April 01, 2017Apr 01, 2017

It will not stop here. That's the message twin brothers, David and Jason Benham, are sending out to Christians, after the repeal of a protecting bathroom bill. 

HB2 was hard won by conservative former North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory. He risked criticism and multiple threats of businesses pulling out of the state so that women and children could know they are using the bathroom and locker rooms without men in there. 

But North Carolina voted in a new governor and he just signed a bill that undoes NB2. It doesn't necessarily say that men can use women's restrooms, but it doesn't say that they can't. 

Neither the conservative side nor the LGBT community are pleased, as both say it does not fully accomplish what they want. But the Benham Brothers (who were kicked off their HGTV show for standing for traditional marriage) personally understand the downward cycle that our country is entering regarding faith, family, and religious freedom.

Here, in a passionate statement, the twins warn Christians that this is just the beginning of the dissolution of their religious freedoms. 



"Mark our words, the ceiling will become the floor in this radical revolution; and it will not stop until every last vestige of morality, privacy, and religious liberty are eliminated from culture," warn the Benham Brothers.

Already, we have seen such huge change in our culture in the last 10 years. Do you think the Benham Brothers are right--and the changes prohibiting and demoralizing faith and freedom will only increase?

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