Benham Brothers Have Warning for Christians Attacking Roy Moore

November 30, 2017Nov 30, 2017

The Alabama special election is coming in less than two weeks following one of the most hotly contested non-presidential races in our nation’s history. Oddly enough, though, amidst numerous scandals taking hold of the daily news cycle, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has not been getting a lot of attention since Thanksgiving Day.

Despite the sexual misconduct allegations against him and in spite of the massive number of attacks launched against him by the mainstream and liberal media, they are beginning to become resigned to the fact that Moore may actually win. They are also finding themselves embroiled in their own sex scandals. Still, Moore remains a highly controversial choice in the Republican party and among Christians as the Dec. 12 vote rapidly approaches.

Now the Benham Brothers, who have given their opinion on many matters of faith and politics, are speaking out about Roy Moore. And they’re rebuking Christians who have come out in force against him. The twin brothers, whose home renovation reality show was canceled because they took a biblical stance on abortion and gay marriage, addressed the controversy surrounding Moore in an opinion piece for World Net Daily.

Writing jointly, Jason and David Benham said that Christians were too quick to “condemn [Moore] without investigating the facts” and that “the spirit behind exposing sin must be one of restoration, not condemnation (or destruction).”

Next, they pointed out the Biblical method — as outlined in Matthew 18 — of accusing a fellow Christian. It involves first confronting them in private, then confronting them with a witness in private, then taking them before the church family, and finally publicly disassociating from them if they don’t repent. They acknowledged that that process is difficult to do with a public figure but pointed out the principle of accusing a Christian — handling it within the body of believers until hard evidence comes out.

The Benham Brothers then addressed what they see as a clear liberal attack on Moore. They said the political establishment is using the same tactics they used to try to destroy President Trump. They pointed out that the leaders of Moore’s own political party condemned him the moment the news broke, and by the time the initial dust was settled, the image of Moore as a “sexual predator taking advantage of underage women” was already cemented in the minds of the nation.

After that, the brothers added that “It’s glaringly hypocritical for our society to objectify women through pornography and ‘sex sells’ advertising and then condemn men for objectifying women.”

Finally, they encouraged Christians to examine their own lives and follow the command of Galatians 6:1, which says “But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.”

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