Benham Brothers Connect Scary Bible Verse With America's Latest Violence

July 14, 2016Jul 14, 2016

Last week's violent events have many grieving and worried about the state of our nation. Some blame the police, even calling for an abolition of law enforcement. Others blame Obama, saying he escalated the racial tension in America. But the Benham brothers, the popular twins known for being kicked off of HGTV for their pro-traditional marriage values, say the real cause is seen in this Old Testament Bible verse, reports the Christian Post.


"In Genesis 6, the Lord talks about how the Earth was void of God and 'filled with violence,'" David Benham shared. "Right out of the beginning of time, when we see that we remove God, when we remove God from our lives, from our culture, from every area of our nation, violence will fill the void."

The twins connect the strong pro-choice movement with the violence America saw last week. "You look in the 1960s, we removed prayer from school, Bible readings from school, the Ten Commandments were taken off of the wall. And then in response to that, 1973, abortion," Jason Benham said. "It's the culture of death that follows any time God has been removed."

"Because of the bloodshed in the womb, now we are starting to see it in the streets," Jason Benham continued. "I'm telling you, it is because we as a nation have left God."

The brothers connect violent protesters' approach with Malcolm X and compare them against Martin Luther King Jr. "Think about the two different men — Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Both of those guys were Civil Rights leaders but Malcolm X was doing it from a standard of black power — 'We are going to go and kill the people who are killing us,'" Jason Benham shared. "Then, you have got Martin Luther King Jr., who came with a Bible, the open Bible. He said, 'The only thing that can transform our society so that people are judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character, it was Jesus Christ coming into the human heart.' We get back to God and then that transformation takes place. Now, we have a day that honors Martin Luther King Jr. and not Malcolm X."

The Benham brothers urge Americans to ask for Jesus' help. "There is not a police force that is big enough to make a man do what is right. But there is another King who will step into the heart of a man and change him from the inside out and put his feet on a rock and put a new song in his mouth," David Benham said. "We need Jesus in this nation."

You can watch the Benham brothers' full video on their Facebook page.

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