Benham Brothers Call Out US Pastors' COWARDICE

October 04, 2016Oct 04, 2016

We don't know about you, but when we hear about the transgender teaching that is inching towards each of our public schools, we get afraid. Why? Because we're not sure if our children will believe the lies. What is needed when you have so much deception is an equal or greater dose of the truth. But that is exactly what is lacking from our pastors, say the Benham Brothers in their passionate Facebook video.


Sharing a clip of a recent video trying to teach young children that some people are born neither male nor female--but transgender--the conservative twins voice their outrage. "This type of nonsense has got to be called out. It has to stop. We can't let our kids get brainwashed like this," said Jason Benham. Benham went on to share how he and his brother have talked to numerous spiritual leaders in America, asking them if they're teaching their congregation the truth about the transgender agenda madness.

Sadly, they have repeatedly gotten the answer back from pastors that they are willing to teach their own children the truth about God and gender, but afraid to speak out to their congregation. Essentially, they are afraid of the backlash, caving to the politically correct pressure of this culture. But Benham calls these pastors out, saying they are acting as teachers but not as true spiritual fathers to their flock. "If as a spiritual leader you're gonna teach your kids one thing, but you're gonna teach your congregation another, then you fall into that category where you're a teacher but not a father," said Jason Benham.

The Benham Brothers acknowledge that they intimately understand the fear of speaking out in a culture that angrily opposes the Bible. The twins lost their HGTV show over standing for traditional marriage. With that experience, they continue to boldly call out the anti-God movement in America and are passionately challenging Christians--especially spiritual leaders--to not be silent but to instead boldly oppose the transgender movement that is out to destroy our children.

What do you think of the transgender teaching that is infiltrating our public schools? Would you like to hear more about it from the pulpit? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments!